Sunday , May 16 2021

PF arrests in Sergipe's PCC leader who has occurred by entrepreneurs

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The federal police arrested on May 7, in Canindé to São Francisco Carlenilton Pereira Maltas, accused of being one of Rogerio Jeremias de Simone's executives, Gegê to Mangue and Fabiano Alves de Souza, Paca, in February 2018, Ceará.

According to research, members of the CCP ordered the death of Gege and Pace because they used money from a criminal organization to support a luxurious life.

They lived in a palace in the noble area of ​​the Ceará coast.

Carlenilton was known in Canindé, where he lived with his wife and children as a successful businessman in Ceara and São Paulo, a situation that would justify his sudden and long disappearance in the city.

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