Tuesday , January 26 2021

Photo The image of the naked face is controversial on the web

Kéfera puts a controversial photo

Youtuber Image Buchmann, who was one of the first to become successful in Brazil on the platform, had a diverse career over time. He was currently debuting as an actress who played Mariane in "Mirror of Life", shown at 18:00 on TV Globo.

After a radical change in her hair transition and taking her curls, and breathing out of an abusive relationship, she steals the scene with a controversial post made last Saturday (10) on her Instagram.

Photo with more than 810,000 preplanules has already generated more than 18,000 comments. He lay in the tub full throat, but his hands covered his breast, Kéfera published a controversial photo with the following title: "My body, my rules".

The photo shared the opinion of its followers. Most praise: "what the show is' "muy linda' "wonderful' "Nice siren' "Deusaaa". But others have revealed inexcusable and unobtrusive remarks: "No shame"AND"Sign in with this photo".

Shared opinion sparked discussion among supporters in the post: One said, "That photo defining what needs to be authorized, beautiful, amazing and loves whatever others say … Those who are tortured are those who feel diminished and criticized, but you go and shine … Ameeeeeeei, continue to shine as you and you want, because you are in charge of … ". The other commented on: "2018 Nearly 2019 And A Photo That Shows Nothing Does It Cause? I do not see her private parts, I do not see her breasts, but if someone has published it, you'll call her hot and ask that you see the snake! You guys are wrong! And Kéfera is beautiful. "

See the photo that generated so much controversy:

My body, my rules.

824.9k Flights, 18.5k Comments – Kéroma Buchmann (@kefera) on Instagram: "My body, my rules."

The phrase that Kéfera used in the legend of controversial photography was the theme of the campaign launched in 2014 by feminist collective Feminine without demagogy, as the slogan of the struggle that women daily struggle in society that at any given time dictates rules on how they must behave physically and emotionally. Learn more here.

Next year, Villainesse from New Zealand created the project #MyBodyMyTerms to attract attention to the alarming statistics of sexual violence involving young people in the country. See more details about the campaign here.

Kéfera reveals an offensive relationship: "I was tortured"

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