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Raissa falls into tears during Hora do Faro, and filming is interrupted · TV news

Raissa Barbosa did not suppress her emotions when she participated in the filming of the Hora do Faro program this Friday (27). Everyone eliminated from A Fazenda 12 is scheduled for an attraction so they can talk about the experience they had in reality. The model, however, burst into tears remembering moments in prison and the program had to be interrupted.

It was journalist Leo Dias from Metrópoles who discovered the ex-paoe crying crisis. Filming of the program had to be stopped, and Raissa hugged host Rodrigo Far. After ten minutes with the cameras off, the eliminated woman insisted on continuing to watch the scenes she played in the seat.

When the leak was leaked, Leo Dias also pointed to some injuries in Raissa’s arm, which no one knows how they occurred.

Peoa says goodbye to the game

The former Miss Bumbum 2017 deputy was eliminated from reality on Friday at dawn. During her stay in the program, the model acted in unforgettable moments. At the beginning of the game, she started a fight with the men from the house when she was the target in the first formation on the field.

The then pea also fought with MC Mirella, Luiza Ambiel and Victoria Villarim. Another aspect that marked Raissa’s participation in the attraction was the fact that she suffered from Boderline’s disorder, a syndrome that generates mood swings.

Within confinement, due to the diagnosis, the model promoted tense moments as she faced constant crises, resulting in explosive behavior. One of the memorable moments happened when an ex-person broke down the bathroom door while fighting with Louise.

Check out Lea Dias’ publication below:

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