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Round 2 elections: How to justify voting in case of absence

RIO – Those who do not show up at the polls for the second round of municipal elections this Sunday, November 29, must justify their absence so as not to suspend some civil rights. This year, voters will be able to do the process via mobile or tablet via the e-Título app (which replaces the physical version of the voter list) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also possible to justify online voting.

How to justify voting

In addition to the application, the optional explanation of the request can also be presented on the TSE website. Electoral justice advises that the reasoning be done on online channels. Voters have up to 60 days to submit an explanation to the electoral district judge, accompanied supporting documents inability to attend the election, which may be a medical certificate or other document proving absence, such as a travel card or evidence. The rule applies to those inside or outside the constituency.

The TSE indicates that the voter must complete an Eligibility Request Form (RJE). In this case, the form can be accessed at the Electoral Justice Services (polling stations, post offices and voter service centers), on the Electoral Judiciary website and, other previously approved polling stations. See how to justify RJE:

  • Access to begin the process. When opening the screen, click the “run reasoning request” rectangle;
  • On the next screen, enter the information required by the TSE: voter registration number, full name and date of birth. Click the “I’m not a robot” option and continue;
  • Then continue to inform the information requested by the Court in order to complete the request to justify absenteeism. It is important to choose whether the justification is related to the election for the 2020 municipal elections – 2nd round;
  • Afterwards, it is necessary to explain the reason for not voting. In addition to the written part, a document proving the reason for the absence will be required, such as a medical certificate, travel tickets and other evidence of the species;
  • The last step is to download the certificate generated by the Court system.

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Am I paying a fine?

An unjustifiable voter must pay a penalty of R $ 3.51 for each round. In case of absence in the first and second rounds, the voter must present an explanation for each of them. In addition, the TSE points to the consequences for those who do not justify it. Are they:

  • Take out your passport or ID card
  • Participate in the public tender
  • Have public income, compensation, salary or employment
  • Obtaining loans from public agencies
  • Participate in a competition or public service test
  • Perform any action that requires dismissal of military service or income tax
  • Obtain a certificate of dismissal

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I live abroad, how to do it?

The orientation of the TSE is to present the justification by e-mail, justification system or send the form of the Request for Electoral Justification and accompanying documentation of absence by post to the judge of the constituency in which he is registered within 60 days after each shift. You can also present the justification within 30 days from the date of return to Brazil.

For those registered in a foreign constituency (ZZ) who wish to abstain from the polls, the orientation is the same. The TSE states that the accompanying document may be submitted to diplomatic missions or consular offices located in the country where the voter is located within 60 days after each move.

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I have Covid-19 and I don’t have a medical certificate

According to Electoral Justice guidelines, in order to justify absenteeism, in the specific case of Covid-19 it is necessary to have a document such as a certificate, medical statement or test proving infection.

In addition, the court orders the voter to stay at home if he has a fever on election day or has been infected with Covid-19 in the 14 days before the second round.

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