Monday , March 8 2021

Sector Bets on Sustainable Cars in Salão do Automóvel de São Paulo

The 2018 Automobile Expo, which begins this Thursday (8) in São Paulo, expects to reach 700,000 visitors by the 18th century, including more than 500 vehicles, including classics, news and concept cars.

In addition to the SUVs and supersports that are featured in the latest releases, this year, car makers are also betting on releasing more hybrid and electric cars. More than 10 models will be available to the public, along with an explanation of how the vehicles work.

Kia Motors, for example, will bring cars from both systems and, according to the president of the company in Brazil, José Luiz Gandini, sustainability is already the reality of the market. "It's the only solution. It's no longer about this energy efficiency law, which forces companies to be less polluting," he says.

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Chevrolet announced the arrival of an electric vehicle until next year. According to Paulo Santos, the company's product manager, the presence of these vehicles in greater quantities will encourage the country to be structured to suit the model. "Infrastructure is still not ideal, but we already see some filling points in large centers, and new ones are emerging." Energy companies also partner and invest in electrical systems.

Hybrid and electric models are also confirmed by Volkswagen, BMW, Cherry, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Porsche. There will also be room for visitors to test these cars.

Tickets for Salão ranging from R $ 55 to R $ 99. Depending on the day and the promotional packages can reach R $ 3500, with the right to hotel accommodation in luxury and private carriage. To check availability, visit the event website.

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