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See where you grab your pet this weekend for free in São José – Meon

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Anger is fatal and the possibility of treatment is very rare after contamination

Press Release / SJC

Campaign for the vaccination of Antirrábica municipality of São José dos Campos occurred on fixed-term service at the end of the week and traveling gas stations during the week.

According to the city council, rabies is a fatal disease, and the opportunity for curing is very rare for animals and humans. To get a vaccine, it's important for the owner to take an animal vaccine. However, the lack of a document will not prevent the vaccination of a dog or cats.

The full schedule with addresses of vaccine stations and schedules is available on the City Hall website. More information for Central 156.

Look down where to vaccinate your pet this weekend:

Fixed posts

November 10 (Saturday)

Jardim Limoeiro – Quadra Poliesportiva (Rua Renato Alves da Cunha, 209)

Jardim das Indústrias – UBS Jardim das Indústrias (Pirassununga Street, 130)

Alvorada Garden – Praca Zilda Paula Leite César

Aquarius Garden – Ulysses Guimarães Square

Jardim Esplanada – Praça Sinésio Martins

Vale dos Pinheiros – Jurunas Square (Guyas Street, height 50)

Urbanova – Fukuoka Square – Urban Bypass

November 11 (Sunday)

Jardim Bela Vista – Real Antonia Pires de Oliveira

Vila Maria – UBS Vila Maria (St. Peter's Street, 55)

Monte Castelo – E.E. Marechal Rondon (square Francisco Scobar, 165)

Jardim Paulista – UBS Jd. Paulista (Rua Martins Pereira, 263)

Vila São Pedro – NEI Vila São Pedro (Praça Paraíba, 119)

Garden Augusta – Place Paris

Vila Ema – Praca Chuí

Flying stations

Day 9 (Friday)

Cajuru, Don Bosco, Cobras (São José dos Campos) and Guirra (São Francisco Xavier)

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