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Sisu opens applications for nearly 210,000 vacancies at universities and public institutions; website has problems at the beginning education

In the first minutes after opening the system, candidates reported problems on the social networks that accessed the site, and it took them a long time to load.

ON G1 contacted the Ministry of Education to find out what shortcomings the system is facing and awaiting a response. Last week, Enem candidates had trouble accessing exam results.

Sisu recommends occasional access to the system during the four days of registration. This is because the ranking of candidates will depend on the search for a particular vacancy. The approved list may change until closing, at 11:59 p.m. on Friday (9).

Look what you need to apply, tips for the desired vacancy and important dates to know.

Tips and other important information

According to the Ministry of Education, a total of 209,190,000 vacancies will be offered, distributed in 5,685,000 undergraduate courses.

Sisu selects candidates for vacancies at public universities by grading in the latest edition of the State High School Exam (Enem). There is no fee.

Page Sisu 2021 on the Internet – Photo: Reproduction

To apply for the Sisa competitions, the candidate:

  • they cannot have zero in Enem’s edition
  • could not take the exam provided that trainer
  • can choose to two possibilities of course

Here are some tips for registering through the system:

  • follow the procedure for 4 days the system will be open. Whether or not access to the vacancy changes according to the people applying
  • it is recommended to see at least once a day how slow it is in the desired course. The system is updated daily in which the candidate checks whether contesting the tender is still viable or it is better to change direction. That is, the options can be changed over 4 days
  • the candidate must observe in daily updates how many places there are on the course, what position you are in and whether your grade is enough to guarantee a place
  • be sure to register only on Friday. In any case, the option chosen on this last day will be valid at the end of the procedure
  • stay careful with assigned weights on Enema’s note of the educational institution researched – anyone can adopt their own criteria in a competition dispute. The system performs the calculation automatically
  • the candidate can observe whether he is entitled to the quota system and inform him at the time of registration
  • the result comes out on tuesday next week, day April 13th
  • as enrollment in educational institutions will be held in the period between April 14 and 19. The necessary documentation is notified by the educational institution
  • Students who are not invited to the place at this stage will be able to enter waiting list which will be open in between April 13th and 19th.

MEC provides phone 0800-616161 for candidate questions.

Know more: Nota do Enem serves as an entrance exam at public and private universities, providing access to scholarships and funding

Due to the pandemic, Enem 2020 was postponed from November to January, and the notes were released late last March. Therefore, the government also postponed the registration period for Sisa so that the Enem note from the latest edition could be used.

Sisu opened in March for counseling. The candidate could know the number of vacancies per course and the rules of each university – such as the minimum required grades or regulations on social quotas.

Other programs for access to higher education, such as scholarships at private universities (Prouni) and tuition funding (Fies), opened registrations in January, and selection takes place in the notes of previous editions of Enema. Registration for Prouni and Fies is now complete.

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