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Stan Lee project won unpublished TV series!

Publishing a cover page

– The legend of the comic will continue to live!

from Gus Fiaux → Even after his death, Stan Lee is still the largest reference in the world of comic strips and superheroes. The author left a huge legacy that includes one of the greatest publishers of all time – Marvel Comics – and several other secondary creations. Now another of his ideas will be adapted to the television series.

B-team part of the concept conceived by Lee, where we could see class B heroes who fought with the crazy scientist who created them. He has never developed the project deeply, but now China and South Korea will work together to tailor the concept.

Korean writer Kang Eun-kyung and its production team, Plot Line, will develop the project. In addition, Studio InvictusSouth Korea and South Korea Camsing International, from China, will also be among the manufacturers. At a public tender, Kim Kyung-won, President of the Republic of Croatia Invictus, talked about the project:

"& # 39;B-team"Is a global project involving North American intellectual property and superhero film technology as well as well-known actors and creators who lead a new Korean wave. We hope to launch a successful prototype of Asian heroic drama."

In the field deadline, it is alleged that China and Korea will have different versions of the same series – which can be a very interesting move in view of the specificity of each country's public. Now, we want to know how the series will honor and keep Lee's legacy alive.

See the following list Stan Lee in Japan:

There are no predictions yet to start B-team.

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