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SUS patient cannot be treated as mané – 8/12/2019. – Leandro Colon

Data compiled sheet and published on Sunday (11) show worsening health indicators in the first six months of Jair Bolsonar's government.

The data are part of a strong exploration of other areas. In a specific health case in the country, the deterioration is identified, for example, in the provision of basic care, SUS entry.

According to experts, one of the factors driving this scenario is related to the removal of the Multi-Doctor program. The number of community agents providing home-to-home care has also been reduced.

It would be unfair and wrong to charge the accounts of Bolsonar the problems facing SUS. To date, no government has succeeded in easing the burden on the public system or finding ways to provide honest, prompt and quality service to the people.

37 km from Alvorada Palace, Ceilândia Regional Hospital has already become a model of chaos, lack of structure and patient neglect. In May, the Federal Prosecutor's Office visited and found overcrowding, night chairs, patients scattered in the hallways and lack of equipment.

On Saturday (10), reporter Daniel Carvalho met retired Maria Aparecido Firmino Ferreira, 78, two days ago on a stretcher in the hallway (crowded with patients) of Ceilândia Hospital and was awaiting surgery after suffering a fracture.

Maria Aparecida is the grandmother of First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro. Minutes after the report reached the federal government, she was transferred to a hospital with better facilities.

The pensioner could not be lined up simply because she was the grandmother of the first lady. It does not matter what relationship you have or have had with the president's grandson and wife.

The episode should serve Bolsonar to understand that his everyday verb is tired. There are urgent priorities. The SUS patient can no longer bear to be treated like the flu.

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