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The ANAC court prohibits the redistribution of Avianca Slots

Avianca is the largest buyer of the new A320neo jet with order for 100 aircraft (Airbus)

Avianca has places in the airports of Congonhas, Guarulhos, Santos Dumont and Recife (Airbus)

The National Aeronautics Agency (ANAC)'s decision on redistribution of the slots and landing of Avianca Brazil was blocked by the judiciary on Friday (28), reported the list Cheap value, The Court's ban was awarded to a flight company in the judicial reorganization Judge João de Oliveira Rodrigues Filho, 1. The Court for Bankruptcy and Court Judgment in São Paulo.

Last Monday (24/6), ANAC abolished the concession for Avianca Brasil for the provision of regular passenger and freight air services. Also in the same decision, the agency announced the "immediate redistribution" of seats at airports in Guarulhos, Santos Dumont and Recife and began consultations to hear interested parties in the company's timetable in Congonhas, the busiest air terminal in the country.

In the new decision not to continue with the redistribution of Aviancina's schedule, the judge ordered ANAC "to refrain from practicing any confidential or administrative management of the administrative allocation of all slots used in the recovery operation, with the aim of auctioning already scheduled for July 10 ", He said value.

According to the report, the judge said Avianca's auction property was "the best measure for short-term re-activation and resumption of business activity, which could lead to more deconcentration of market-based operators". , If you do not respect the decision, ANAC may be fined 10 million R $.

Court's ban on ANAC's decision was brought by Avianca on Wednesday (26 June). The company claims that reallocating sites before the auction could prevent the collection of funds to pay creditors. Avianca owes about $ 3 billion.

Aviancine slots, especially at Congonhas airport, challenge nearly all airlines in Brazil. Along with traditional Azul, Gol and Latam, schedules are also interesting for Passaredo, MAP, Sideral Linhas Aéreas, and TwoFlex.

Controversial theme

According to law, airports in Brazil belong to ANAC. According to the agency's rules, an airline is only entitled to landing and takeoff licenses if it respects the accuracy of flights. Avianca Brasil, in this case, did not fly from May 24th.

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