Wednesday , June 23 2021

The Antirrábica campaign continues until December 1st

On the first day of vaccination, 13,748 animals were named

The goal is to kill all animals against rabies. Photo credits: Carlos Araújo

Dog and cats owners are involved in the schedule of activities this Saturday (10) the commitment of animals to vaccinate rabies at certain places by the Department of Zoonoses for this service.

Retired state official Maria Lúcia Athayde, aged 63, has four animals and two trips to UBS Vila Jardini: in the first, she took a dog and a cat and in the second she was taken by dog ​​dog Gordo and Ioda. Satisfaction was equivalent to the accomplished mission. "It's necessary to work, but it must come," said Maria Lucija, who had to hold two dogs to ensure vaccination. She said that where there are many dogs in the street and they want to take them to vaccination, but they can only take four animals.

Electrician Bruno Levi de Campos, 42, also appeared at UBS's Vila Jardini with his dog Thor and Pantera. The 52-year-old housemaid Angela Maria Nascimento Cruz also played her role in getting a vaccination dog. "It's good to avoid too much disease," she justified.

Antirrpski Campaign Vaccination started on the last day 3, this Saturday (10/11) was also held, and two dates were scheduled for 24 and 1 December. Doses of vaccines are offered in 33 places, from 9am to 5pm. The first day of vaccination was immunized with 13,748 animals, 12,031 dogs and 1,717 cats. The campaign also provides vaccination in rural areas on a work day.

The goal is to kill all animals against rabies in order to prevent the onset of illness in the city. "Animals must be taken to vaccines that are contained in the guides or collars by persons over the age of 18 and can physically contain them," said the veterinarian and head of the Zoo Division, The Buti.

The vet also emphasizes the importance of immunization because it is a fatal disease in animals and humans. "In 2018, Sorocaba identified seven positive rabies, which means we have a virus circulation in the city, and it is imperative that animals are protected from this deadly disease and are so serious about public health," he warns.

Dogs and cats older than 3 months should be vaccinated. The vaccine has no contraindications and pregnant females can be vaccinated normally. Why should you take in cells in the guides or collars and cats in transport boxes or the like.

In the case of wild dogs it is advised to take them with snouts to avoid bites, and for cats, the towels help to prevent scratches at the time of application. Vaccination must be annually. Vaccines will only be used at vaccinated sites. No dossier will be secured for citizens to independently report.

During the weeks of November, vaccination on flying sites will appear in the distant quarters of the city. In the municipal farm, from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm, there is a fixed vaccination site at the Animal Control Department, located on Rua Rosa Maria de Oliveira 345 in Jd. Zulmira. For more information, contact the person (15) 3229-7333 or 3229-7300.

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