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The Batman – The movie gets the release date and Ben Affleck is out!

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– Sounds like the rumors were true!

from Cristiano Rantin → Presence Ben Affleck as batman in the films of DC Comics is something that has long been debated. There was a lot of speculation that it was after the critical box office and box office League of Justice, the actor would never embody Gotham's Bat, which would be completely reamagened in his solo movie – Batman, which should focus on the heroes as a great DC Comics detective. Now, after much speculation, diversity finally confirmed that the actor left the mantle of the hero.

According to diversity, the new Batman will choose Matt Reevesdirector BatmanThe announcement should be released shortly, as the page indicates that it will officially release the film June 25, 2021, the same year the director mentioned in his latest interview.

Sources on the site claim that the executives of Warner were disappointed with the work Reeves in the first screenplays of the film, which has spent the last few months polishing and improving his own screenplay.

No details on what the new profile is Bruce Wayne, but it is speculated that it will be someone younger, in their twenties, or someone so experienced as Ben Affleck, While the director does not start with the choice, it is difficult to know which scaled profile will be.

It's important to remember that Variety is a very reliable source, known for its accuracy in reporting such big bombs.

Who are you bet to incarnate the new Gotham Bat?

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