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The bridge chief commented on the sale of Emerson by Atletica and reveals the "percentage" BMG – Sport

The right side of Emerson is the second largest sales of Atlético in the history of the club, just behind Bernard. This is the first bargain Galo works with Barcelona. It is the third most expensive side of Brazilian football. Evidence, but with one: EUR 12 million, which will fall on a mining alvinegro account, will have to be awarded to third parties, including BMG, according to bridge representative.

In an interview with Today in Dan, President Ponte Prete, an interested party in the business that will first take Emerson to Betis, said Campinas club "is absolutely calm" in the realization of contractual rights, in which Macaca gets 12.5% ​​of the global transaction in case of sales by 28. February.

The point is that Emerson will go to Barcsa only in July, until then he will be lent to Betis. In addition, José Armando Abdalla has said that Atletico holds only 25% of Emerson's economic rights – stocks bought in September – and that the remaining 62.5% (37.5%) is owned by BMG, a bank sponsored by Galo and whose owner Ricardo Guimarães advisor and former chairman of the mining club.

"We are absolutely calm, there are actually negotiations, my financial and my legal solutions." I can not speak for you, I'm honored to be honored. he agrees and follows what the law says and the responsibility of each of them is Athletic Athletic Actually the player does not belong to Athletic They have federal law As far as I know, that's 37.5% BMG's remaining 37.5% of the turnover. The remaining 25%, Atlético, to the 28th day, conveys 12.5% ​​to Ponte, "he said Today in Dan.

Of € 12,170 million, Atletico will have to convey 37.5% of turnover (the current TFM agency). Therefore it will amount to about 32 million R $. Only, according to Abdalla's account, BMG may want to get their own 37.5%. In this case, the overall business of shirt 2 would amount to 3,042 million euros (12.6 million Rs). On the other side, HD he learned from a source linked to BMG's investment fund that this second invested in Emerson's part would be a company associated with the board of directors of Ponte Preto.

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