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The government regulates the application of the driver to the INSS application

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The federal government announced on Wednesday (15) Regulation 9,792, which deals with the registration of drivers for social insurance applications. They will be included in the General Pension System as individual associates.

Workers in these services, called "private individual paid transport", are mandatory pension insurers since 2018. The Regulation describes in detail how this inclusion should take place, as well as requirements and procedures.

The Regulation also foresees that application launchers (such as Uber, 99Taxi, Lyft and others) may apply as individual microprocessors (MEIs). But for that, they have to comply with the requirements of this category, as they have no income above R $ 81,000 a year. In this alternative, INSS's contribution would be equivalent to 5% of the current minimum wage.

The responsibility for registering is the driver's own. The Regulation stipulates that the process is being carried out "preferably through electronic channels of assistance from the National Institute for Social Security – INSS" (more information here).

The contribution may be 20%, 11% and 5% (in case of registration as MEI). If an employee wants to have a pension greater than the minimum wage, the rate to be chosen must be 20%.

Companies responsible for services or applications may request proof, which is the driver's responsibility. However, companies will be able to get information on enrollment in the National Register of Social Information together with the Society for Technology and Information on Social Security (Dataprev).

According to the Decree, oversight will be in charge of the prefectures and the Federal Government.

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