The new generation of NVIDIA graphics processors, GeForce RTX 40xx, is ready [RUMOR]

New graphics cards must be produced in 5nm from TSMC and will not be changed until the release

It seems to be rumors of a new generation NVIDIA graphics cards from a few months ago may be right, according to Leaker Greymon55. It confirms that Ada Lovelace there will be a series GeForce RTX 40xx and the whole project already it must be done and should not change. If true, the specifications (rumors) circulating on the internet are real.

The person in charge of unofficial information says that the process of producing new NVIDIA graphics cards will be launched 5nm to TSMC. But the girl doesn’t know if it will be N5 or N5P. Previous rumors pointed to Samsung’s 5nm or TSMC. In May, another “girl” called “kopite7kimi” which, according to VideoCardz, is a reliable source, as it has managed to predict virtually all the specifications of the Ampera architecture, unsure whether the GeForce RTX 40xx will be the alleged Ada Lovelace.

Also according to “kopite7kimi”, NVIDIA’s strategy will depend on how AMD will enter video cards RDNA3 on the market, which should be the first architecture to arrive with the design MCM (multi-chip modules). Moore’s Law is Dead, the famous youtuber / leaker, suggests that Lovelace should be the code name for NVIDIA’s SoC (System on the Chips), not just the new PC GPUs.

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This new family should also be present in autonomous cars, within the series Orin NVIDIA. YouTuber recalls that NVIDIA had already said that the Orin SoC series would be based on the Ampere, but that the manufacturers also said that the Orin was a family of products that would include Lovelace.

Die’s Law is Dead further suggests that NVIDIA’s strategy regarding AMD’s RDNA3 graphics cards is actually much simpler than Kopite said. The owner of GeForce would simply dominate the market more by providing cheaper graphics cards, even if the future AMD RDNA3s are stronger.

According to VideoCardZ, something many readers seem to agree on is the possible window to launch the GeForce RTX 40xx, which shouldn’t happen before the end of 2022, as NVIDIA seems cautiously releasing new architectures every two years. About the specifications, according to Kopite in December, of the top GPU (AD102) must be equipped with 18,432 CUDA cores and 66 teraflops.

Via: VideoCardz

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