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The radio host was fired after homophobia against a reporter who represented JN – 18/11/2019


It was announced on Monday morning (18) that he is a Goyan radio presenter, Louise Gamma, from Radio BandNews Goiânia, was removed from the station after comments interpreted as racist and homophobic. He posted on Twitter talking about a journalist Matheus Ribeiro, is the first recognized homosexual to introduce the Globo's "Jornal Nacional" (9) on Saturday.

"Where will Brazil end up? Burning donuts is hot right now. A mid-quality journalist turned the ball over to national journalism only to find that a donut was available to him," Gama wrote on Twitter.

BandNews Goiânia issued the following statement on Monday morning, 18, referring to the removal of Gama: "The board of directors of Radio BandNews Goiânia has excluded storyteller Luiz Gam, who was part of his sports committee, after comments that were interpreted as racist and homophobic. The decision was broadcast live by anchor Marcos Villas Boas on Monday morning. Adhering to the principles of defense against attacks related to skin color or sexual orientation, Villas Boas said the broadcaster would not keep "who does not dance in accordance" with those beliefs in its staff."

Asked by the Leo Dias column, Goiânia News Group head Marcos Villas Boas also said: "Luiz Gama worked for an outside sports reporting group called The Beast of Sport. Band News FM Goiânia asked for a sports partner given the inadequate positioning of a professional. to replace him. "

Matheus Ribeiro's lawyer, Carlos Márcio, also sent a note to Colona: "We will not comment on Radio's internal decision to dismiss Radialist Luiz Gam, but deny the offensive content of his comments. and with the excuse to execute free and disgusting aggressions such as those performed by Radialist Louise Gam, not only homophobia, but also disrespectful journalists, future man, son, grandson, comrade. in 2019, we still have to combat this prejudice in the Brazilian press. "

New homophobic comment:

In addition to commenting on Twitter, Luiz Gama also wrote a homophobic commentary on the air, during a broadcast on Radio 820 in the morning, also from Grupo Bandeirantes: "What has miracles and curses on TV Goiania. It's a crazy job! […] You turn on the TV and you're good for everything. Everyone releases [?]"

About the new comment, lawyer Matheus Ribeira told the column: "We are already preparing measures. Judicial in civil and criminal action."

* With the collaboration of Lucas Pasin

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