Monday , March 8 2021

The wax factory was hit by fire in Fortaleza Ceará

On Friday night in Fortaleza, a flame found a wax factory in Álvaro Weyne district. The height of the flame caught the witness. At the start of the incident, project officials were on the spot, but they could leave before any injuries.

The fire hit the solvent tanks, which caused the explosion. The flames came to the reserved part of the factory's exterior yard, but they did not reach boilers, worried by neighbors in the industry.

However, some neighboring houses are damaged by the height of the flames. The ceramics of one of the buildings fell from the front.

Eight firefighters reacted to the incident and about 25 men were in flames. The fire was controlled for about 22 hours.

According to Colonel Homer Catundi, who conducted operations, the company's fire protection equipment worked well, and the security brigade in the facility also helped to prevent the fire from becoming more dangerous.

The husband of the owner of the industry, Tibério Cavalcante, confirmed that during the fire workers, but no one was injured. He also said that the plant administration contacted neighbors who might have suffered losses, saying they would meet the demands of the locals.

The building's technical knowledge should point to the cause of the fire.

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