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They carry bandits in the car crash, bitch Mel reunites family again

Mel returns and leads the party at her owner's house, Leandro Mello. The 29-year-old economist had a hard time since last Sunday when his pet was taken into a family cargo plunder. The next morning, Leandro announced an appeal on social networks to try to find it. Post viralized and reached nearly 35 thousand shares. After three days of misfortune, finally, relief: a safe and healthy, golden retriever of the year and two months was saved.

According to the civilian police, bitch abandoned criminals from the New Mexico community in São Gonçalo, on the slopes of the region known as Santa Barbara. One resident was found and searched for a neighbor's owner. Soon, the solidarity network that came out of the case recognized the animal and made contact with Leandre and his relatives. Although the repercussion was fundamental to solving the case, that was not just good intent.

"I have lots of running, lots of nurses … but, thank God, she was good and she was not abused." He is also very obedient. He must have licked his ear (laughs). While I was taking some attempt to extort, I signed up to the police station. They took the situation and went to see if the information was accurate because he still had the risk of the attacker. They gave us all the support, "Mello said.

Mel and Leandro at home after a reunion
Mel and Leandro at home after meeting again Photo: MARCELO THEOBALD / Agência O Globo

Leandro's mustache came back from Marice with a new bitch when a crime happened and they did not have the chance to remove it before the robbers fled. The abdominal points and the purple arches she wore made it easier to recognize. On Wednesday, 75th DP officers rescued an animal, and a family friend searched for at the police station. When the guy came from work, the reception was special.

"The neighbors were already here, everyone in the hall." I said, "Oh, now he has spent all his energy, he will not even want to play with me." I'm a regular person, but thousands of people accepted the cause, it was impressive "If I did not have this link, I would not find it." I got a whirlwind and I could not answer all but wrote the post and tried to thank as many people as I could, "he concluded.

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