Saturday , April 17 2021

Time to not: Colonel Fakes Waleska DNA Exam

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On Wednesday, the episode "Time for No", Globo's current novel 19h, Colonel (Solange Couto) has to decide to forge DNA DNA test, Wales (Carol Castro).

It is important to remember that he discovered that his grandson was a consequence of Matthew's relationship with Raphael Vianna, but he decided to convince everyone that he was a daughter of Samuca (Nicolas Prattes).

See the full summary of today's soap:

Emilio tells Samuel that he will destroy it. The colonel asked Florencio for help in counterfeiting the Walsh son's DNA test. Vanda tells Sam that he will have to dismiss his employees. Waleska shows the DNA test result for Samuca, not knowing that Coronela has forged. Dom Sabino says Carmen has plans that can only be discovered in the foreseeable future. Amadeus expelled Monalis from his home. Samuca tells Betin that Wales is expecting a baby. Florencio makes clear to Morocco that he is ready to eliminate Emilia.

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