Friday , December 4 2020

Was it canceled urgently? Learn how to compete by day 2

Until November 2, program users Emergency who have canceled additional payments of R $ 300 can make contestation result, if they are not in line with the government’s justification for suspending the fee.

To extend the program, official in September, the federal government has established new rules to define which beneficiaries remain eligible at this stage, and is therefore entitled to receive up to four additional installments.

Among the new requirements, defined by Interim Measure no. 1000, are receiving benefits for social welfare or social security or employment in official employment after receiving assistance. According to the text, these criteria, in addition to the death of the user, must be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Stakeholders can challenge the suspension of the ambulance on the Dataprev website. So far, only users registered through the program’s website or application can complain. The competition rules for those who are part of the Bolsa Família must be published later.

Upon application, the Ministry of Citizenship will review the applicant’s data, and if the challenge is granted, payments will usually be made again in the month following the application. However, if irregularities are found in the registration, the benefit will be suspended immediately.

“We are working to achieve maximum efficiency in the payment of support and extension of support and therefore we are recognized around the world. Every month, there are cross-checks of federal government data, so that the money goes to those who really need it, ”said Minister Onyx Lorenzoni.

Expansion of the ambulance

The federal government’s emergency program has been extended until December. A total of up to four installments will be paid, amounting to R $ 300. According to President Jair Bolsonar, the new amount was established to serve the economy, respecting fiscal responsibility.

In the first phase of the ambulance, each user receives five installments of R $ 600. The payments are intended for informal and self-employed workers, the unemployed, individual micro-entrepreneurs and the low-income population.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the monthly cost of the treasury program was R $ 50 billion at this stage. Thus, a lower value was determined for the extension. The president justified that the aid costs “a lot for those who pay, in this case Brazil”, and although it is small for those who receive it, the money meets the basic needs of Brazilians.

It is worth mentioning that not all users will receive any additional payments. The number of installments of R $ 300 varies depending on the month in which the first payment of the fee was made. Therefore, those who started receiving assistance in April will be entitled to four installments, while those who received the first payment in July will only receive an additional installment.

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