Saturday , June 19 2021

William Bonner and Natasha Dantas are back in Rio

William Bonner and Natasha Dantas they gathered family and friends this Saturday (10) to another wedding, now in Rio. The couple has officially unified the union in São Paulo on September 8th.

An intimate ceremony in São Paulo, with her mother's house, Maria Luiza Bonemer, gathered three journalists from Vinizia, Beatriz and Laura. The one who got Natasha's bouquet was Thalita Martins, an aunt of the National Newspaper, Vinizia.

In Riu, Hugo Bonemer, William's cousin, released the first video of the ceremony. The couple celebrated at Emiliano Hotel. Who was responsible for the beauty of the bride was Alessandra Grochko, who published some details about social networks. Natasha entered the sound of the opening of the Game of Thrones series.

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