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10 Curiosities in Victoria's Secret History

Beauty and glory! This week, the 23rd performance of Victoria's Secret Cowboy Underwear. But behind Victoria Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, everything is not perfect.

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Victoria's Secret Angels are not just a fashion podium. In recent years there have been curiosities that could not be kept secret.

1. Had Hadid could not attend the show

In 2017 the performance was held in Shanghai. 55 models from 20 countries have presented 88 visions of the fashion floor. But supermodel Gigi Hadid was not there. Just before the show, she announced on Twitter to go home. Gigi did not state the reason, but rumor did not get a visa. A few months ago she released a video that caused many negative reactions. In it, the model imitated the Buddha statue and was considered to offend Chinese culture.

2. Bela Hadid: Hot Revenge

We stay with the Hadid family. Bela Hadid won the fashion show in 2016 in super sexy clothes, while her former friend The Weekend (with whom she was again) reappeared on stage. Bella throws a super passionate look at her ex-wife, who was interpreted as one of the hottest revenge.

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3. Jessica Hart attacks Taylor Swift

Jessica Hart will never forget that moment. In 2013 he criticized the participation of singers in the show. "God knows he's great, but I do not think he's coming to the show, I do not know if I'm going to say that." Many of us are 14 to 15 years old to be here, have experience and self-esteem and should be able to trust, come with age, and this depends on the scope of our work, "explained Hart in an interview. he was never called to Victoria for the Secret again.

4. Irina Shake pregnant on the fashion floor

In 2016, Irina Shake consumes a pregnant belly on a fashion show and announces that her beloved Bradley Cooper looks at her first child. A few months later she gave birth to a girl.

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5. Rihanna refuses to participate in 2015

Then she was supposed to play and sing at the same time, and nothing had happened since she'd rather to work on the album. Elli Goulding appeared in her place. The model, who was not invited to participate in the review, wrote to Twiter: "I feel very good not to participate in BS … I'm sorry, I thought about VS (the game of words with Victoria's Secret – VS , BS comes from shit), especially since I know Rihanna will not be there either.

6. Elsa Hosk's wing is Ariana Grande

Elsa Hoskov's model almost fired with big wings in 2014 Ariana Grande. Later, the singer wrote to Twiter: "Victoria's Secret Angel accidentally hit my face with my wings and was excellent."

7. Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber?

The theme of 2012 was the tear between supermodel Miranda Kerr and pop star Justin Bieber. Then beauty was with Orland Bloom, who two years later struck Bieber.

8. Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima on the podium shortly after the birth

Victoria's Secret Review requires a perfect body. And that they have, the models work very hard. This is particularly true of Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima. Heidi appeared on the fashion stage in 2009 just five weeks after daughter Lou's birth. Adriana Lima climbed the track in 2012, 8 weeks after her daughter Sienna appeared. To achieve results, she trained her twice a day with her personal fitness instructor.

9. Kendal Jenner vs. Rihanna

In April 2013, the day before the show, the Kardashian clan's legacy wrote to Twiter: "If Rihanna does not compile her Complicated song tomorrow, I'll be very sad and Rihanna answers," Then do not come … "

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10. Kara Delevin is not weak enough?

In 2016, rumor spread that Kara Delevin was not weak enough for Victoria's Secret Review. Such a move, however, completely disregarded the model.

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