Tuesday , May 18 2021

And Maria Ilieva with Panic Attacks! After a serious loss the singer unlocked the mental disorder

After her singer Dessy Dobreva said she was worried about panic attacks in "Two Drops of Water" issue, her colleague Maria Ilieva also had a similar problem, writes Weekend. Her disorder, however, was unlocked 7 years ago when her father, Krasimir, died of cancer. "This is the toughest time in my life!" Says pop star.

The singers' parents split when she was very young. "In the past, the indignant people considered the poor quality to have a decent place in society, especially in the province, I was from Great Tarn and lived in Kazanluk, and as a conductor, my mother worked on distribution. "a child of divorced parents," Ilieva said.

More details about Mary's private life can be found at show.blitz.bg.

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