Sunday , May 16 2021

Asen Blatechki Hit a Hundred Pound – Curious – Lifestyle, Style, Diet, Fashion

Actress Asen Blatechki got a lot of pounds. The reason for his drastic rounding is his attempt to refuse cigarettes. He admitted he had endured the whole year without smoking, but stumbled with the food to burst.

Last year, the actor returned to his vagina because he believed he would return his previous form, but the pilot did not move and groan. "I'm ahead of 15 pounds, which has changed me, but I'll do it," Asen says.

Together with tremendous tensions in work and personal life, the actor has invisible reaches 3-4 boxes a day. Cigarettes became a means of unloading, but they also brought him health problems – he was quickly tired, haughty, and coughy coughing, wrote "Bulgaria Today". I've never been so fat, but that's why I want to live healthy, "said the most charming of our lovers.


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