Monday , July 26 2021

Berbo categorical: To run football, you have to be completely ready – BG Football – Other

Dimitar Berbatov said he will not run for Bulgarian football if he is not ready for it.

"I have many ambitions linked to different things, and to manage all the football you really need to be very prepared, you have to know where you are going, how you behave, the people you work with, because you can not be alone, you have to have sympathizers, we need to be on the same wave. what we want to achieve. One is not in this wave and the problems are beginning, "said Dimitar Berbatov in a special interview with NOVI.

Recalling his first words – "When most of you are tired of lying and manipulating with you, you can ask me to fix some football," commented Berbo,

"I remember well what I said, the question is, will I be ready to come here and say," All right, go. "Because he can be more prepared than me, this is something I once said. it was a self-confidence that is currently very high, but then, coming out of youth and emotions, of course I said that. I was thinking about it, and I still think about it because I have my ambitions and I think I would like something like that. The moment comes when I come, I need to know that I'm ready because I can not walk and say, "It's over, I'm the boss here and I'll tell you what's going on." You have to be ready, you can not. "

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