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Beroe – Botev Pd (07.04.2019.) – First League – Live Score

  • End of meeting!

    93 & # 39;

  • Milen Zhelev was given a yellow card –

    91 + 3 & # 39;

  • Lazar Marin joined Aleksandar Toni in the team of Botev Pd.

    89 & # 39;

  • Pedra Eugenia's heavy strike left the right post after Daniel Kaiser.

    88 & # 39;

  • A new chance for Vutova. He came to the left, but his left-to-diagonal shot went out.

    87 & # 39;

  • Erol Alkan was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.

    84 & # 39;

  • Nedelev tried to center off the striker Pernisha but the ball came out.

    83 & # 39;

  • Radoslaw Apostolov was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.

    82 & # 39;

  • Ivan Minchev replaced Aleksandra Tsvetkova in Beroe's team.

    79 & # 39;

  • Mesa replaced Ruben Bregde in Beroe's team.

    79 & # 39;

  • Todor Nedelev scored from the penalty spot, putting the ball in the net.

    74 & # 39;

  • Punishment for Botev Pd! Korner sent the ball to penalty area. There Dore fired his head, but the ball stopped at the cross. In addition, Dore did not hit again and the ball was thrown off the side. Still, Plovdiv's action continued. Left left by Nedelj, Kostadin Nichev shot in the head and the ball struck right hand Erol Alcan. That is why Ivaylo Stoyanov pointed out the "white point".

    72 & # 39;

  • A goal for Beroe of Pedro Eugenio. Bad Backward on Sunday caused a defensive bug. No one in the "yellow-black" came to the ball and Bregido crossed. He left Martin Camburova in the hinterland behind the defense of the guests. The attacker shot, but Kaiser killed. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but he's claiming it! Pedro Eugenio sailed high above the opponents as he headed the ball over the deadline,

    70 & # 39;

  • As soon as he received a yellow card, Milen Zhelev replaced him.

    67 & # 39;

  • Jaya Meledje was given a yellow scorechede on the face of lazuli after Lachezar Baltanova.

    66 & # 39;

  • Ruben Brigido was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.

    60 & # 39;

  • Ruben Brignó came in from the right and got a poor shot in the box, but his header was tipped by the keeper from the right side of Kaiser's net.

    56 & # 39;

  • Dorje Ferrebori replaced Christiana Dobreva in the team of Botev Pd.

    56 & # 39;

  • New big player for Botev Pd – now for Alexandra Toneva! Nedeljev was found with a long diagonal landing on Chris Dobrev. He wanted to knock one out of Ebert Cardsoos's flanks in front of the goal after a long ball. Here Baltanov fluttered for Toni, who shot from a favorable position on the front of Pernis, but the ball still did not want to enter and went right to the right.

    55 & # 39;

  • Exceptional Opportunity for Botev Pd! The visitors were given a penalty that Todor Nedelevu went through. He knocked on his team-mate Antonia Vutova, who defeated Beroe with a good defender, and found a great chance to score. But he struck the ball weakly and it went straight into Dušan Perniš's dumbfound, which pleeded for the back.

    51 & # 39;

  • The new kick of Beroe – this time Ruben Bregdo is about 25 meters away, but in Kaiser's hands.

    50 & # 39;

  • A good move by Pedra Eugenia opened his bullet but passed the door of Daniel Kaiser.

    49 & # 39;

  • Start the second part!

    46 & # 39;

  • End of the first part!

    45 + 5 & # 39;

  • New chance for Beroe! The action on the right has again created chaos in the Botev Pd field. The ball arrived again to Kambouro, who shot his right foot on the ground, but Kaiser swept it with all his strength.

    45 + 2 & # 39;

  • Nikiata Baranov received a yellow card for a foul on Cristian Dobreva's defensive line.

    45 + 1 & # 39;

  • Unique joke Toneva! The left-hand player from the left side with more than 25 yards sent the ball to the left side, but then jumped forward.

    45 & # 39;

  • Pirgov failed to continue the match and had to replace him with Kostadin Nichev in the center of the defense of Plovdiv.

    43 & # 39;

  • Dimitar Pirgov still needed medical attention after the conflict with the host.

    41 & # 39;

  • The very good action of Christian Dobreva in Beroe's half allowed him to progress with the ball in his leg and to combine the right to Alexandra Toneva. He had time to set his left leg and to shoot snarlly diagonally.

    38 & # 39;

  • Christian Dimitrov received medical attention, but continued to play.

    32 & # 39;

  • Mixing in the Botev Pd field allowed Martin Camburu to shoot. The ball stopped in a stack of players. The audience came to Alexander Tsvetkova, who also tried to shoot, but stopped by the "black and black" contestant.

    31 & # 39;

  • Dimitar Pirgov and Beroe missed a corner. Branitel's Botev Pd hit the podium and then got a brief medical help.

    25 & # 39;

  • New great opportunity for hosts! Martin Kamburov fought like a young wild boar but he could not leave with the ball. 'Thanks for that Manuel. No player in the "yellow-black" was cleansed, which Matthew Leonie used. The other flashes firmly with a head more than 15 meters, but right in the hands of Daniel Kaiser.

    21 & # 39;

  • A wonderful opportunity for Beroe! The attack on Beroevo left allowed Matthew Leonie to enter the criminal area alone. He issued a passport in parallel to Martin Camburo, but before the ball came to the striker Christian Dimitrov kicked it in the corner. After that, nothing was dangerous for the guests.

    17 & # 39;

  • Philippe Filipov from Botev could have got a comic target. Coming in from the left, but the ball went over to Martin Kambourov. A canary's tried to stard through the ball on goal but the ball was just cleared away by the goal. But that was no longer a concern for Kaiser.

    9 & # 39;

  • Start of Beroe and Botev Plovdiv!

  • stadium: Beroe

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