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Elena Yoncheva leads scandalous records with Minister Ban, a male couple behind the afar (Obzor)

Angelov had blackmailed me for four years, the minister said

It is written because employees are forced into the scheme and as insurance, MP says

The first scandal involving a Boris 3 government member broke out on Wednesday. Left deputy Elena Yoncheva has drafted the records since March 2016 at Boil Ban's talks, according to which he is trying to save a big punishment for the company, the rules of gold in Sofia.

A male partner stands at the bottom of the "Alo, Banovo" affair, discovered a 24-hour investigation.

As deputy minister of culture in 2016, Boil Banov co-opted to forgive at least 700,000 kunas for the second and third builder of anti-cultural center Serdy-Lark, Yoncheva said at a special press conference in the center. The journalist published the records. They hear from Ban's office

gives directions to

how to hire




so that he would not pay the company 700,000 kuna in the delay due to the delay in the execution of the contract. (Below you can see conversations from BSP submissions.)

The record was given by an employee of the Ministry of Culture who attended the conversation. This is because employees are placed in an illegal scheme and as insurance, explained Yoncheva.

The employee is Angel Angelov, who was at that time responsible for EU funds in the ministry. This was announced by Banov himself, who answered an hour later at a press conference in the Council of Ministers.

Angelov made conversations with Ban, and recently gave it to Elena Yonchev. Yesterday she did not want to reveal her name and explained that her source was afraid of and kept her anonymity.

According to "24 Hours", however, Angelov

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EU funds

along with yours


Ivo Kostov. In 2009 Angelov handed over his own companies, who played for EU projects, and then as an employee of the ministry who provided the information. (More details see HERE.)

Four years Angelov was blackmailing me, Minister Banov said yesterday. The minister demonstrated a decisive request that filed around 750,000 armed forces against the consortium, which had repaired the broads. He announced that he is ready to leave his seat at any time, if Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is considering it. (Talk to the Minister you read later.)

Angel Angel in the night before BNT denied writing Ban and dismissed from work. He would sue the minister for defamation.

My source did it three years ago, but now it's exported because the schemes still exist and employees are under pressure to sign different documents, explained Yoncheva. And the descriptions in those talks happened later in the documentary.

Construction Project II. I III. Archipelago Stages is Ancient Serdika DDZ – a consortium of 4 companies with the lead partner for the unification of Puteva and Bridges EOOD. Construction consulting is carried out by consulting company Invest Consulting, including Control – Invest EOOD and Invest – Consult EOOD.

Based on the records, Yoncheva said that Banov had advised an independent supervisor on how to forge documents so as not to raise a 700,000-strong state. Ban re-talks with the phone and project leader on behalf of a private builder and is negotiating how to align the counterfeiting of these documents, explained the deputy.

The BSP announced that it would give the prosecutor a signal, but in the meantime Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov ordered an emergency check. (See below.) The leftists asked for the resignation of the minister and announced it

will use and


because it is about European funds.

If we carefully consider the agreement between the ministry and the company and its annex, it can be seen that, in addition to a simplified sentence of at least 700,000 BGNs, the contracting authority had to request additional BGN 315,000 – a contract performance guarantee. And that did not happen, said MP Pencho Milkov. "It is not how this happened without the knowledge of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works because it is the governing body," the lawyer of the BSP said.

Following the PFIA report of December 2016, the Ministry of Culture evaluates the BGN 754,000 for the delayed penalty for the applicant in the period from 20 January to 25 February 2016.

What Construction Inspector Atanas Angelov said "24 hours" and everything about the project "Serdica" and the companies around him read HERE.

Who is what the phone says

Talk to the Cabinet of Deputy Minister Banova with the staff of the Ministry of Culture:

Banov: We have such a problem. Due to CMP's delays in the 33-day period, 0.2 of the contract value amounted to 690,000 to 700,000, we have to look for them. Problems are two. The first is that we can not charge that punishment for years. The problem is that we have to put it in a regional …

She offers the following – sit with Mechkun or do not know who, you do act 10 and share them in two or three acts 10. Can we arrange it? But in all buildings there should be periods where there is no building documentation, ie no work.

official: This is the construction supervision, the investor and Mechkun must write down.

Banov: Well, they'll write them down.

official: I'll do that for these 33 days …

Banov: These 33 days should go back so that this condition disappears at least … But we have to do this for days … Take it next week, manually … Add them manually to the documentation. so this point is rejected – for a claim that the obligation has not been met.

Telephone conversation with Atanas Angelov, Independent Supervision of Construction "DZZD Invest Consult":

Banov: Atanas, see now what a problem we have, tell me how to proceed. LARGO reported about 33 days of delays – CRM and CRP. That's why we need a fine of 700,000.

This 700,000 penalty is the first and we want it, we will never be able to get it. The bigger the problem – that we need to bring this money to the regional (MRDPW) we do not worry about, we will collect or not punish. They are interested in having, after having been contracted, stopping their money, getting our money, and wanting to transfer that money to them.

Now that this does not happen and judges for ten years, which is unclear what it will give, there is one such proposal – find in the construction period, for example, twice in 15 days, where there were no construction papers. nothing was reported, and the release of Act 10 and Act 11, that is, to stop – so it can be clear that there is no delay …

We write them, we carry the disks there, apply them, and that's it. It is a question of whether the DNSK should notify you? …

We will not tell you …

No … The only way is this: we find two periods … Well, we're doing justification, it's all over … But you have to help us here. There must be two or three periods in which to separate, leave Law 10 and Law 11, but it must be done literally days, we must give them the second week. At times, there should be nothing done on construction works these days … All right, who do you need here, Mechkunov, do you need it? Please, please, this is a very urgent thing …

Banov (addressing employees in the office): You did not understand now. We have to find two periods of 15-16 days. We will not import them into DNSC, let's get them regional, and that's it. If it needs to come later, it will help, it will fix them.

Phone interview with Dragomir Dragan, project manager on behalf of the artist "Ancient Serdika" DZZD:

Banov: Hello, I am a deputy, Deputy Minister … You see, because 33 days of the MRDPW have been postponed in carrying out construction works and CRPs, which means 700 000 leva as money, which means that we should start judging for you punishment.

Now – there is such a suggestion: we find two in 15-16 days empty, backward, where there is nothing in construction papers and no execution of construction works and we give Law 10 and we work 11 to get there out of … That there would not be that simplicity , judge you and so on.

I'll be looking for your help. I turned to Atanas, he will also ask you, supervisor. (…) It may be May, may be May. When you have it. Come, please, look Atanas, contact them, find them. However, we have to do it here a few days, otherwise we have to go through the claim seeking process.

Banov: Mechkunov was sold for a walk in Spain. Is.

Tsvetanov: Is that true?

Banov: Mechkunov, you will not sell for yellow penny.

Tsvetanov: Just a million.

Prosecutor 2 hours

with Boil Ban

they also want explanations

Rashidov and Yoncheva

Check was ordered by Sotir Tsatsarov. Personally, the chief prosecutor's office went into the Ministry of Culture to search for papers

Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov ordered verification of information from a journalist's investigation into BSP's Elene Yonchev for corruption in the implementation of a gold-making contract in 2015, involving current Minister of Culture Boil Banov.

"The inspection was given to a specialized prosecutor's office with regard to the quality of Ban, for which data are provided and allegations of corruption, resulting in a punitive punishment of 700,000 kuna for the contractor," said chief prosecutor Rumyana Arnaudov.

In the first reading, the Chief Prosecutor pointed to possible 2 corruption offenses in this case – idle and offensive.

"Today (Wednesday) talks will be held with people who are relevant to the case and who are familiar with the facts about building anarch, the" Serdika "cultural communication complex, phase 2 and the monitoring of the ministry," Arnaud said. that the prosecutor's office will request all documentation regarding the conclusion and execution of the construction contract.

Tsatsar's spokeswoman also said the video of Elena Yoncheva would get a professional report. Experts will determine the content and credibility of the voices. "The record recognizes other voices other than the Ban," the prosecutor said, not citing who they are.

Two hours after Tsatsar's order was made personally, Chief of the Special Prosecutor's Office Dimitar František, a colleague and investigator, entered the building of the Ministry of Culture at Bulevar Aleksandra Stambolijaški. The rest were 2 hours. At that time, in the presence of Ban, they reviewed all the documents in the project and separated those who needed inspection.

Frantisek said the prosecution would take explanations from the then minister of culture Vezhdija Rashidova and Elena Yoncheva. In late afternoon, Minister Banov gave written explanations.

By law, the prosecution is valid for two months. His deadline may be extended for another month. The prosecutor then assesses whether the investigation will be investigated.

Vezhdi announced that he has filed a lawsuit against 750,000 BGN BSP: Banov has saved 700,000

Former Minister of Culture, now chair of the Parliamentary Culture and Media Committee, Vezhdi Rashidov, has filed a request for a lawsuit to initiate a lawsuit for a 750,000-lire penalty for Lark's postponement as he was in the previous job, and Boil Banov – his deputy.

This explains the deputy in front of "24 hours". Deceased drama plays in Germany of throat cancer. During that time Banov replaces him. As soon as he came back from the treatment, Rashidov visited wide. When he realized that there was a delay, he signed a petition for compensation for damages against Ancient Serdika, which had completed the second and third phase. The case was brought in the first instance. The court rejected the request of the ministry. The second instance is waiting.

Banovo talks, presented by Elena Yoncheva, did not want to comment. "To answer, he is a great man," Rashidov said.

The BSP does not talk about the 753,000 that it is doing, and about 700,000 others who have saved the company after Banov's talks if it turns out that this record is authentic, Pencho Milkov of BSP said.

He explained that the PIFC report from December 2016 covers a delay from January to February. Ban and the ministry signed on January 20th some acts that the construction was completed, and the Internet disclosed contract information. Acts 15 and 16 of this building are from February 23 to March 7. Separately, there are 19 acts, which are also after 20th January and prove they were built later. Based on that, PFIA wrote a report that 753,000 BGNs were late for debt. That's the case, said the red attorney.

However, in talks, if the record is authentic, Banov talks about the drafting of 10 acts to conceal the delay in 2015, expanding the contract deadline and why the annex is being prepared in December that year, Milkov explained. In 2015, with regard to this conversation most likely, there were 5 works that were used to stop the construction of rights rather than to accumulate damage, he added. Three stations are in the spring and summer and last for 33 days, we are talking about the postponement for these 700,000 levers, the deputy explained. There is no way to launch a lawsuit because this plan, as he says by telephone, ends and there is no delay, Milkov added.

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