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Father Ilija Pavlov admitted the murder of his son and Andrey Lukanov

I can not say anything about the death of a son, said Pavel Naydenov – the father of businessman Ilija Pavlov on the 3rd channel.

"I did not refuse to wait for justice, I am for justice, not for retaliation, because I do not want an innocent person to plead guilty," Naydenov said.

In the textbooks of socialism, I would say that it should not be cooperative farms. It's a big mistake that the guys who came never touched the bumper and did not organize a production farm. It is true that private farms with elephants and watering pumps have been set up. I think for some this regime was good, for some it was not "offensive with Lub Ognjan," father of Ilija Pavlov, Pavel Najdenov.

There is no personal initiative in the country, things will not be good. I worked, and at that time I did not discipline, I would not survive. I had 200 employees I watched and conducted the right social policy. People of that time, if you are in place, you can win them and the credibility of the company, but who did not do that, it was said.

Todor Zhivkov was a dictator, but as a master. If someone else is down, he calls and sends him an ambassador or somewhere in the embassies. Andrew Lukanov knew him too long because he was no longer in a responsible position and he established it there. What he did was over. Elijah was all there because he dragged the money and secured the funds while the others prayed. I can not say who killed Andrey Lukanov because he gave us a lot of money, we did not take it, but others. It is true that he himself created problems because he shared the money and these people did not manage them properly, said Pavel Naydenov.

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