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Goals and many beams in the gladiator fight for Thrace! Botev Pd still unhappy (video) – Botev (Plovdiv) – BG Football

Beroe and Botev (Plovdiv) played the exciting first leg of the 28th round, which ended 1: 1. The 70th minute resulted in Pedro Eugenio, and three later Todor Nedelev equalized the penalty.

The two teams created a lot of positions, and three times the lines prevented further falls. Twice they helped you kill, and once saved the canaries.

By the same degree, however, players from Plovdiv were still the only team in the first six who did not lose in the spring after 9 games played.

The meeting had to start at 20.00, but it started with a delay. The reason is that one of the four bumps in Stari Zagora is completely shut down and an emergency repair has to be completed, which ended at the end of the first half. The duel, however, began because the judges considered the lighting of the other three pillars to meet the minimum requirements.

Plovdiva players could find the score before they left for two minutes. Neddelev some good delayed by the second half. The ball goes wide on the left, but Antonia Vutova does not touch the net.

In 9 minutes, Beroe could guide Philip's guilt. Botev tried to clear the ball after kicking off the corner, but gave it such a rebellion that he moved Kaiser off the hook. Then he returned to the field, but the canary cleaned it.

In the 17th minute, Matthew Leonny headed dangerously to Martin Camburov, who easily hit two or three meters into the empty gate, but Pirgov threw himself at the risk swing to mark his goal and prevent a great danger.

After half an hour a huge crowd was formed in front of a small penalty box, followed by a few shots of green players who met with yellow-black football players, and Dimitrov finally cleansed.

In 38 minutes Botev had a good attack. Cristian Dobrev went, advanced and found excellent Aleksandra Toneva on the right. The player who was in the box came in and shot his left leg firmly, but Pernish swept it.

Near the end of the first part of people in Plovdiv they were forcibly removed. Instead of the injured Dimitar Pirgova, Kostadin Nichev entered.

In the 45th minute, Alexander Tonev shook the left air of Beroe's door. A few seconds before this situation, Nikita Baranov came in very coarse with the buttons in the knee of Cristian Dobreva and should be pleased to receive only a yellow card, not a red card.

The first half ended with two strikes by Beroe. Kambouro first hit ten meters in the corner of Kaiser, which collapsed the corner. After his performance, Baranov shook his head out.

The second part began with two new footage in the unfair property of Pedra Eugenia. The first one came out and a little later Kaiser saved her. Botev replied with a very dangerous position in 51 minutes. Then Vutov beat the penalty spot, turning the hosts very well, giving him a chance but his strike fell into the hands of Pernis. Four minutes later the guests did not find the result. Kardoso focused on Baltanov, who took Tonev's head. The attacker struck his knee and then shot at 13-14 meters but passed through the door. In the attack the hosts lost good chance when Bregido was on the right side of the penalty area, but the ball sent to an outer distance of 12-13 meters.

The game was still two-time, with attacks on both doors, which could not lead to the goal. He came in 70 minutes when Bregido crossed Toneva and pushed Kambouro away from the goalkeeper. The attacker was knocked fiercely, Keizer knocked, but Pedro Eugenio scored an empty goal – 1-0 for Beroea.

Only three minutes later Botev equalized. The air was for the first time stopped by canaries for the second time in this game. The ball returned to the ground and a new attack on Plovdivcane. In the end he focused on Nicheva, who fired his head, turning to the extended hand Erol Alcan, and Judge Ivaylo Stoyanov ordered a penalty that Nedelev made 1: 1.

The two teams continued their attacks after a quick swap of hits, but failed several times in the long run. Pedro Eugenio was the newcomer to gig him in, and managed to attack from the right flank.


1: 0 Pedro Eugenio 70
1: 1 Todor Nedelev 73 e.

Beroe: 12. Pernish, 4. Alcan, 6. Tzvetkov, 8. Ohene, 9. Kamburov, 11. Bandalovski, 14. Yaya Meledje, 20. Leoni, 27. Baranov, 28. Brigido, 77. Eugenio

AP BOTEV: 22. Kaizer, 28. Filipov, 3. Pirgov, 5. Dimitrov, 66. Kardoso, 26. Apostolov, 17. Baltanov, 8. Nedelev, 7. Tonev, 11. Dobrev, 39. Vutov


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