Monday , April 19 2021

"Here it is": You always win … Ludogorets

You did not understand that it does not matter how the derby between CSKA and Ludogorets will end? Absolutely no attitude has this match for the title. Will the "red" win. It does not matter if Levski will win against the home team.

In this foggy championship The only meetings important and worth mentioning are the conflicts between Levski and CSKA. And people show it – this is the most visited meeting in the First League.

And will CSKA beat Ludogorets does not change the overall picture. Since it looks like the system is so made that even if the triboy for the title, as it was on the last round, In the end Ludogorets always won, Like the story of the Germans – playing 22 and finally winning … Ludogorets.

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So, for eight years we've seen a famous scenario. Where there is no strong football, helps the infamous organization. One who works an impeccable season after the season. I read unusual statistics of that day – eight punishments against Ludogoreta for eight years, otherwise, a penalty against the "eagles" championshipOne ?! Now see how many penalties are against Ludogorets at European tournaments for far fewer games …

The message is clear. Even Levski and CSKA, or someone outside the two Grands, start playing "so-so" football, there will always be someone like Volna ChinkovaWhere are the maps, where the snap is, where they were saved with the penalties. Ask Lokomotiv (Plovdiv), Etar, Beroe, ask for the first league. It will be, while eight people do not travel to Razgrad, and then the ninth …

Consider how many successful Ludogorets are already safe to bet on an improper coach, such as Antoni Zdravkov. It is clear that he is in This "eagles" championship can fly without a trainerBecause they know very well that if the situation comes out of the rails for a moment, there is help. The organization does not shoot for that "it's here" …

More than a year without punishment against Ludogoreta

More than a year without punishment against Ludogoreta

Only eight get because the team is elite

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