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If Levski wakes up, CSKA can become a champion

The Battle of the First League enters its most interesting and unpredictable stage. In the tough clashes at the top until the finals of the season, the first three places will be awarded on the ladder.

And of course, that will be determined the Bulgarian champion.

The seven year-old heir apparently does not intend to surrender and will do everything to protect his trophy. Gaps, inaccuracies and unclear delays Ludogorets however, give enough reasons to unrestrained fans to suggest that this time the final winner may be different.

Their wings were slow, they knew the game ...

Their wings were slow, they knew the game …

How did everyone suddenly realize how weak Ludogorets are?

Given the infinite dynamics of "blue" and "red" in general at all levels in clubs, such hypotheses are not negligible.

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Each of the three teams has a chance, It's true. The difference in the points is not so great. Still, the advantage is on the side of the team, which is currently on top of the rankings.

Ironically, however, a very interesting ending in the championship can be achieved.

And Levski will make CSKA champion.

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Ludogorets from now on I can not they certainly believe they will win matches with Botev (Plovdiv) and the Black Sea. The situation is somewhat different from those of a few years ago. Even then there was nothing quite certain, but the probability was much higher. This could also lead to a situation in which possible lesions or lost points from Levski allow the reception and the sluggishness of the whole "army" as inspired by Lubos Peneva to lead CSKA in the titleNo matter how incredible it looked like before a few laps.

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Levski will want to prove to all of Bulgaria that these changes are working.

That the dynamics of the peak of Gerene and its surroundings can be mostly positive. This definitely passes winning against CSKA and Ludogorets, Blues will get their first chance to achieve something impressive in the next two rounds. And more importantly – at the very end of the season, When they play again with the two biggest rival in elite.

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If something changed for good in the "Poduyane" team, it certainly happened to the truth, at the last moments of the current campaign, Then again in Levac will be a "time for men," as the team's experts say. It will be necessary to achieve the desired synchronization between remaining foreigners, current team leaders and ever-emerging new talents in the team. otherwise someone will have to take it, Old "blue" tradition.

Several jobs in the team were speculative. And about the coaching position – too. no smoke without fire, There must always be something real about this subject. Out of a universal conversation. Guaranteed to 100% by secretaries and hosts, to the top of the "blue" pyramid, giving must be optimal. All the effort is needed. Strong people in the club have already shown that they are capable of doing so. They have already changed Levski or not. The future will be shown. Now the players have to do it.

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And if all the processes in the club continue their uphill development, at the end of the season really Football Bulgaria maybe he has a new championIronically, however, it may be those that fans of Levsky would like at least.

Of course, to make it happen, a "red" inspirer will have to make his team play much more half, like the first one from the last match with Ludogorets. But, too nobody else.

Otherwise, the title can stay in Razgrad.

Ludogorets and CSKA have finished 0-0 in the first league

Ludogorets and CSKA have not solved their dispute over the championship in Razgrad

Without hitting the big derby, two teams split half

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