Saturday , May 15 2021

Jacqueline's niece had a seven-year relationship with one of her prosecutors

Family Michael Jackson recorded a documentary in response to "Leaving Neverland" and pedophile charges.

"Neverland Firsthand: Researching Michael Jackson's Documentary" was released on YouTube to reject charges against the pop king. There were the nephew of the singer, his longtime technical director and producer.

According to Brandy Michael Jackson's nephew, Wade Robinson, one of them, accusing him of "Leaving Neverland," is a user. She had a relationship with Wade for seven years.

Wade Robson, directed by Dan Reed on "Let's Go Neverland" and James Saifsky

Photo: BTA

He knows how to use different situations to have financial gain – says Brandy. – He says he had a relationship with his uncle that they were in love. , He claims that his uncle has kept him away from women, which is not true. I told you the uncle had met us.

Michael Jackson and Brandy

Photo: Official Instagram Account

Wade's lawyer, however, denied the words of Brandy, saying they were not together at the time of sexual assault, says "ContactMusic", quoted by BTA.

Brad Sundberg, technical director of Michael Jackson, who regularly resides on Neverland ranch, says in the movie that he did not see any child who seemed to be "upset, hurt, offensive".

For the movie Never Leave Neverland, the family of the late singer filed a $ 100 million indemnification against HBO. His cousins ​​say the television violated the 1992 agreement, saying it is not right to deny his dignity.

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