Saturday , June 19 2021

Kalfin: Salaries grow for some, frozen for others

Motives for immigration aspirations among Bulgarians are mainly related to salary. Former Labor and Social Policy Minister Ivaylo Kalfin said this morning at BNT, commenting on the findings of the latest research by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

"If there are more than 4 million people in Bulgaria aged 18 to 64, every fourth, more than a million, consider migration opportunities, 95% seek a better salary," Kalfin said.

Referring to the studio, he commented that the amounts that were pointed out by the people who kept them in the country were not so impossible. Those with high school education, the most demanding jobs abroad, say that between 1000 and 2000, those with higher education – between 2000-3000 arches. "Very little – about 10% everyone with the intention to go, who say it's not enough $ 3,000," Kalfin said.

According to him, it shows that the problem is decisive. "Bulgaria's wages grow, but not even," he added, adding that "some grow very fast, others are frozen."

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