Thursday , May 6 2021

Kamelia hit the sound of the screaming of Mikhael Fileve!

The last block for the season in the music show "Glas Bugarske" was also hit by the sound shock of Michaela Fileva. Camelia was pleased with her team Monica Petrovi, former Bonn Bonn, who filled her heart and did not shake her song.

"I have one place and that's for you!" Mikel and Grafa were crying almost at the same time, and Camelia cut off: "You're blocked, dear!" "I'm sorry," Monica said sympathetically, while Michaela tried to raise her uncertainty, so her young girlfriend lay in her fairy tale.

Mihael's relationship with Kamelia was dramatically reversed from the beginning of the play to the end of the dark kastings. Initially, the two teamed up against coach men and became their first friends, but Kamelia then struck Fille for several times, breaking the female kingdom and now blocking.

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