Monday , May 17 2021

Kiro Kirov for the horror of kidnapping: At first the kidnappers were very rough

I emotionally carry scars of what happened, physically no longer. I remember kidnapping. It was shocking. Two or three masked men attacked me. A little later they said, "This is kidnapping for money – 5 million." It remembers the abducted 10 years ago a businessman Kiro Kirov before bTV.

"I have no explanation why this happened to me, and not some other rich man," he understands.

"The worst was when there was no communication with kidnappers, we collected money for 2 weeks, we were far behind that amount, and the Interior Ministry helped a lot," he added to his son, Ivan Kirov, about the nightmare.

"At first, the kidnappers were very rude, the man in the trunk that pushed me to the floor, then I ate the color, and for the first 10 days I did not eat a crumb, and when they left me in that room, I was tied to the handcuffs," he recalls . take away business.

"We have paid taxes to the money we have given to kidnappers, 10% to 10%, and those 1 million lire are not looking for, and as soon as they get out of jail, they will have it," Ivan said.

"I believe that these 11-12 abductions do not correspond to the years in which they will be. They are convicted of just one crime," explains Kiro Kirov.

We recall that Kiro Kirov was abducted on March 27, 2009 at his home in the Bank. Three men were attacked, dressed as police officers. They put his handcuffs and beat him. Then they put it in the luggage compartment with which they arrived. The businessman spent 17 days in captivity. It occupies a narrow room with a mattress and a small chemical toilet. The kidnappers allow him to write a son to find the money for his release. They seek a ransom of 5 million lire, but their relatives pay 517,000 euros. Three days after the bribe was given, Kiro was released.

There is a great deal against the Nagle group. 28 people were arrested, but after two years of trial, only four people were convicted. Ivaylo Evtimov – Yogi, Prokopi Prokopiev – Culture and Daniel Dimitrov – Cousins ​​were sentenced to 18 years in prison, while Ljubomir Dimitrov – Grebetza received 15. There are 13 charges against them, of which 11 are kidnapping.

In 2017, after the law was amended, Yogi and Grebetz turned to the court for early release. Their application has been approved, but this is not the case with a subsequent public scandal.

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