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: Lozan Panov hiding from corruption monitoring ::

The scandalous president of the Supreme Court, Lausanne Panov, is hiding from corruption. This became clear after Black Swan's husband (as his AROGate door was called his half-brother Betti Panova), published a sad message on the court's web site, saying he would not ask the Commission for Combating Corruption and the Removal of Illegally Acquired Property (CPCONPI).

As a reason to avoid re-checking, Panov said that he was not rightly asked by the commission. CPCNPPs have pointed out that the SCC chief is trying to use his position to override the law.

Another pandemic scandal surrounding Pan's start was launched on Monday morning when the judge was not

uses the HCC website as a personal mailbox.

That morning, the pages were raised without any press release: "SCC chief wrote KPONPI that the call to appear as an explanation as chairman of SCC is a violation of the constitutional principle of separation of powers." It is clear from the statement that Lozan Panov was invited to appear before the Anti-Corruption Commission and to explain the inconsistencies found during the tax audit. CPCONP investigates the corruption of the Supreme Court Chief after it became clear that the NRA had forwarded to the Commission a revision report that Panov had hidden over 100,000 BGN revenues.

However, Panov decided not to question him, so he found the reason. In that case, according to the judge, he was wrongly invited because in his absence the letter of his appearance to CPKONPI was handed over by three officials to the commission of Pavle Panova, the deputy president of the Supreme Court for Judges. It was not addressed to citizen Lujan Panova, but to the President of the Supreme Court for Judges. A little later than KPONPI also came to the position.

"Mr. Lozan Panov was called on the Commission to Combat Corruption and Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property (KPKONPI) to explain the National Revenue Agency's Revenue Act (NRA) on the basis of the Commission's statutory powers

confirms the potential corrupt actions of individuals,

which occupy a higher state position. Mr. Panov is called in personal capacity, in his personal address, according to the provisions of the procedural laws, "he said in a statement.

"CPCONPI's competence is to get an explanation from citizens regarding the fight against corruption and the seizure of illegally acquired property," he says in a position and points to the law points that allow it.

"In exercising these powers to the commission, the law does not differ in the official capacity of citizens", they write from the Commission.

"KPONPI considers it unacceptable to identify a single magistrate with the whole of the judiciary and the use of the institution as the reason for the firing. The separation of powers means the failure of one power in the other, not the inviolability of the representative of one of the authorities," concludes KPONPI.

At the same time, experts warned the "Monitor" that

Panev turned the law in turn

by setting up phone numbers and names of secret agents on the HCC website. It turns out that in an attempt to sacrifice, Panov was not tempted to publish on the pages the original call KPONPI, but in which the personal details of Panev's officers were present.

His orchestra Kalpakchiev announced

tax audits for harassment

For the form of harassment over the courts, the new president of the United States State Attorney (UDF) Kalin Kalpakchiev passed tax inspections. Kalpakchiev was a member of the SJC in the previous mandate of the staff, and then played allied with Lozano Panov.

During the weekend, he was elected President of the SNB and the head of the HCC personally went to the EU General Assembly to show his support for him. Kalpakchiev did not fail to return the "service" immediately, as in the first interview of his new standpoint – before the Bulgarian national radio, Panov hit his shoulder, saying that the president of the Supreme Court and other judges had been running tax inspections for years.

According to him, it was a sophisticated but dangerous form of pressure, according to the new chief of court grant, the inspection of judges should be carried out by the SJC Inspectorate. However, Kalpakchiev has not determined how this can happen, given that the functions of the NDS are limited to clearly recorded in the law and do not foresee tax investigations.

He left out and clarified that Panova's inspection of the NRA began after the Supreme Administrative Court failed to comply with the law and did not declare his property before the State Audit Office. After the tax authorities found a firm discrepancy between the actual revenues of the Supreme Court Chief of Criminal Law and the statements he made, they were summoned to the CPCNPP.

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