Saturday , February 27 2021

Ludogorets fell to second place with AEK – BG Football – Europarlatorima

Independent Ludogorets could not beat AEK Larnaca in the second match, the break-up match ended 0: 0 and both teams were eliminated from the elimination phase of the League of Europe.

In second group A Bayer Leverkusen won Zürich with 1: 0, and both teams have gone 9 points. The Ludogorets and AEKs with 2 points have no chance and will only play until the end of the group fighting.

In the third minute of an extremely unmanageable forward and imprecise food by Renan, it was good that Accara's shot was accurate.

A new very dangerous attack followed for AEK in 6 minutes, but Jean-Luc did not manage to overcome Renan's goalkeeper. Good luck for Ludogorets.

It was a good attack on Ludogorets but Marcellino did not control the ball.

In the 13th minute we saw a dangerous offense running against Trichkovski, the ball went just as far as Ludogorets' gate.

Then Keske brought Marseille to a clean position, but fired the AEC door.

Nathanel got a yellow card and missed the fight against Bayer in Leverkusen.

In 24 minutes, Nathanel did well to Lukoy but did not get Lucky to hit the ball at the door.

Both teams were attacked, almost every one of them had a chance to hit, but most of the danger was in front of Ludogoreta.

In 37 minutes, the Cypriot team completed a well-rounded corner, the ball headed for Igor Silva, who fired the ground, and Renan was locked in a new corner.

Dyakov made five breaks to an end and is logically finally decorated with yellow, but at least will not miss the next match.

43 minutes into the match, the midfielder Vanderson fired a shot just in time for the goalkeeper Ramirez.

That's why after a lot of emptiness in front of the two doors, the two teams withdrew to the break with zero draw, which is very surprising given the show.

However, AEK team was better in the first part of the field, Ludogorets expected much more.

Antoni Zdravkov: Our team has nothing to change

Dyakov: We gave all of us, we had to do our job

At 52, sparks broke out twice between Apostolos Yan and Cosmin Mochi. The Norwegian referee Solomonovsky both gave a yellow card.

Both teams continued to play with their thoughts on the wins, but they warned their coaches not to move, and after a break the pitch was a bit more relaxed. The Ludogorets' game, however, remains unfaithful.

In 74 minutes, however, Marcellion fired and with the help of a rebound from Catalline's leg, goalkeeper Ramirez collapsed into the corner. From the corner, the ball was focused on the Mocci, and the Romanian man with his head found the Cretan of the Cypriot door.

A controversial situation occurred in 78 minutes in AEK's poll. There was a contact between Garcia from AEK and Sissyne from Ledogorec, but the Norwegian judge found that no punishment should be given.

Ludogorec suffered pressure at the end. In the past, Schwierchok fired from a misdemeanor – in the wall, then another time, but incorrectly. He had a good chance again, but he did not succeed.

So the game ended 0: 0 and both teams are eliminated and will play in the last two rounds.

Ludogorets - AEK Larnaka



LUDOGORETS / 4-3-3 /: 33 Renchev, 3 Nedyalkov, 30 Mocci, 4 Sissigno, 6 Nathanel, 10 Campanaro, 18 Dyakov / 66 Sasha / 84 Marcellino, 88 Vanderson, 92 Lukochi / 86- Joa Paula / 1 Bron, 5 Terziev, 8 Sasha, 37 Joao Paulo , 44 Goralski, 70 Schwierchok, 90 Forster / Coach – Antoni Zdravkov

AEC / 4-2-3-1 /: 25 Tonyo Ramirez, 2 Sylva, 6 David Catalah, 8 Choran / 81-Florian, 12 Trichkovski / 87-Trichkovski, 13 Hegel, 15 Garcia, 18 Gonzalez, 19 Joanou, 21 Jean-Luc / 71- Jan: 1 Christodoulou , 4 Truyols, 5 Moesov, 7 Jorge Larena, 11 Tete, 23 Florian, 31 Constantine / Coach – Andoni Iraola

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