Saturday , January 16 2021

Maestro for the first time in his career …

Roger Federer was not convincingly involved in the ATP finals in London. On Sunday night, the Swiss pulled 6: 7 (4), 3: 6 ahead of Kay Nishikori in the first match in the group.

Statistics show that this is the first time in the famous Maestro career, which does not win the match in the group stage of the finest masters. By last night, only 6 were Federer losses in the groups, but in each case were least placed.

The defeat of Nishikorija is also Federer's fifth consecutive tennis tournament, and the last ten players Maestro defeated was Grigor Dimitrov in the final in Rotterdam in February. For the last time, the Swiss entered a similar series of consecutive defeats of Top 10 players in the season 2013, when you lost 7.

Another curious fact – Federer's loss from Nishikori is sure Rafael Nadal completes the year in second place on the ladder.

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