Sunday , June 20 2021

markets The leading Wall Street Stories have wiped out the profits for a year

More and more concern over global economic growth has led to a further downturn in the world's leading stock market on Tuesday. The chain's effect was around Asia, Europe and the United States, with major US indexes that closed the session with a big downfall last night. In practice, the leading Wall Street indexes – Dow Jones Industrial Average and
S & P 500, released their growth from the beginning of the year, which is the second time in less than a month. Only a technological index Nasdaq Composite, which also fell dramatically on Tuesday, is a symbolically green area for the year – only 0.08%.

Negative stock market trend, launched in October with the sale of technology sharesin the United States, expanded to other markets and covered works in the retail and energy sector in finance and oil business, the Wall Street Journal states.

Where did the USA fail?

The fall in the US market on Tuesday caused the depreciation of stock of the chain The goal, which led to pressure on traders. And stocks of leading technology companies have continued to fall, he writes CNBC

Blue chip index The industrial average of Dow Jones fell 2.21%, or 552 points, since the beginning of the year was red with 1.03%. The second leading benchmark – S & P 500 trade decreased by 1.82% (down 1.19% from January 1 this year).

Trade Shares The goal has fallen 10.5% after the third trimester's results were below expectations, and the forecast for comparable sales also proved to be worse. This has led to a reduction of the sector subsector by 3.3% and a reduction in the share of other chains – Kohl and L Marke 8.8% and 17.1%. Deceased retailers are coming soon before the start of the Christmas season, which is important for the overall efficiency of the company.

The book of technology companies that enter the so-called. group FAANG, It was also denied. The biggest drop came in Apple – 5.2%, shares Amazon and Netflix retired for just over 1% and those in Facebook about 0.5%.

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