Sunday , May 16 2021

Megan Marcel surprisingly abandoned the services of royal doctors

Gynecologists Alan Frading and Guy Thorpe – Beiston, the best expert in high-risk pregnancy, released all three of the Duke's children from Cambridge William and Kate. They are among the best experts in the world, but none of them will be present at the birth of Megan, who "kindly" refused their services.

Of course, the doctors of the kingdom can not be completely excluded from birth and are likely to intervene "in case something goes wrong".

A source close to the Duke of Sussex said Megan and Harry would not follow another tradition – pose with newborns immediately after birth. They do not believe this is necessary because the child will not be the direct successor to the British throne.

It is likely that the birth will be published with a short message and the photo will be released later. According to Meganni's relatives, after birth she does not consider it necessary to stand up and officially dress for several media footage just because "people think they have to do it".

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