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Mother Gerry-Nicole into a consortium that built Ancient Serdika with three other companies from Varna

I do not believe there is manipulation of documents, I know there are cases of non-fulfillment, says Englez Atanas Angelov, with whom Ban talks in one of the records

"I do not think manipulation with the documentation of" Ancient Serdice "is possible, and the site was public and happened before people." We had a lot of conversations with Boil Banov, but it was long ago, I do not remember specific, "said Atanas Angelov, supervisor – consortium "Invest Consulting". One of the three records Elena Yoncheva published was between him and Ban. There it is heard that the deputy minister asks for advice on how to make sure he does not want the penalty for the delay by the performer.

"There was a lot of stopping at the site. I'm not familiar with financial affairs, but I think the Ministry of Culture is leading the penalties for delays.

There are papers,

everything can

for confirmation ",

said Angel Engelov, who is said to have talked to Boil Banov in one of the recordings.

As the "24 Hour" said, in March 2018, the Ministry of Culture initiated a commercial lawsuit against the contractor of "Ancient Serdika" for 750,000 BGN due to the delayed delivery deadline and incomplete construction activities within the project. At the end of 2017, the Ministry lost the case and was ordered to pay 26,000 lv. Largo was completed on December 29, 2015, and was accepted by the Ministry of Culture on January 25, 2016, but the acknowledging commission at the MRDP discovered irregularities and asked for further construction of the contractor. The site was adopted on February 25, 2016, or 36 days after the deadline of 20 January 2016. The delay of the delay was 0.2% of the total contract amount – BGN 12.5 million or 750,000 BGNs. so Minister Vezhdi Rashidov signed a petition before the court of the last days – before President Rumen Radev appointed the official government. Then the case goes without success for the ministry. He is now a second-instance appellate court.

The BSP claims that the nearly one million-lbs sum believed to have not sought the contractor for another period of suspension of the site – in the spring and summer of 2015. Minister Banov is categorical that he has requested a court order for all postponement fines.

From the case of the Ministry of Culture against the DZD "Ancient Serdika", it is clear that the case was suspended five times by Law 10 and re-published with Act 11. The first 14 days of May 19, 2015, because there was no copyright oversight. Then 11 days on June 28, 2015 due to archaeological research. On October 20, 2015, the works stopped for 13 days, again due to the findings. The latter is for 13 days since November 13, 2015 for technical solutions and details. Overall, the project's postponement is 59 days by the end of 2015, but all these delays are not the fault of the contractor, which can be claimed as punishment. The BSP argues that this is accurate, not a delay from January 20 to February 25, 2016, for which time the case was submitted to the court.

The contract for London Larch is April 2015. There are 5 candidates, but the public contract wins the consortium "Ancient Serdika".

Leading partner

is Varna

Roads and roads

bridges "doo

with 50% stake

The state-owned company "Restoration" EAD (owned by the Ministry of Culture) is 30%, "Putstroy Varna" and "Finance Group 2013" with 10%. The last company is owned by Irene Georgieve. The business lady is the mother of pop singer Gerry-Nicole, and "Finance Group 2013" is the producer of the first spot on the scene. In addition to "Ancient Serdice," Georgieva's company has food supply contracts for arrests and prisons in the consortium with Cheh-Novosad.

The agreement of the Ministry of Culture with the consortium since April 2015 amounts to 12.5 million leva. The money is from the European budget under the "Regional Development" Operational Program.

However, in December of that same year another contract was signed with DZD "Ancient Serdika" for HRK 2.3 million due to unforeseen additional building activities. So the value of the entire site in the center of Sofia is 15 million BGN.

Official opening is 20 April 2016, 2 months after the completion of the works.

Ministry and company

she claimed a broken leak

tiles and lack of lighting

Only a year ago, the photos of the broken tiles, leaks, lack of lighting and broken glass on the dome appeared on facebook. Then "24 hours" asked the representatives of the contractor and the Ministry of Culture about the problem. Then, due to the delays in the case, there was a clear legal dispute for 750 thousand.

"The media finds are due to improper work and lack of adequate site maintenance." The Ancient Serdika "received signals and information from the witness of the toboggan run, which is unacceptable because the pavement is designed and built only for pedestrians," says Rosen Kolleiev, a consortium built by another and the third consortium. the stage of "Ancient Serdika". He also said that the Ministry of Culture has repeatedly requested the permanent maintenance of the complex. He also pointed to problems with a drainage system that was not cleansed from waste. This causes clogging and damage to the tiles and leaks. The Ministry of Culture replied that the subject was a guarantee, and the contractor had to remove the problems. Later this happened and since then there were no complaints about the state of the archaeological complex.

However, irregularities in implementation began after the MRDP Commission's report at the end of 2015, which led to the latest delays. The report states that there is no sidewalk facing aquaplaning, on the south side of the lizard were the sloping pillars, the lowered ceilings, the elevator was not blocked and isolated, lighting, fire control and video surveillance were not completed.

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