Tuesday , May 18 2021

Mr. Evgeni Minchev opens ruthless criticism of native stars (photos) – Interesting – News on lifestyle, style, diets, fashion

Evgeny Mincheva's comments and criticisms do not pass and do not spell any of the famous celebrities. Here's what he said this time, quoted the Telegraph:

Closures were cut off by Dido Dido

Tell Dido that he is Di Dido. If you look back at the French encyclopedia or the Dictionary of Science, Art and Craft compiled by a French philosopher, nothing can stay on our talented DJ and musician. Because, you see, that's all this, forcibly, by breaking the eye and invalidating today's stage delight. Stretched hands grow in aesthetic prayer, but the whiskey owner is forced to release his new music. The hat is a fashion dome of things and echoes all the impudence of dressing. Effective zipper-epochs share classmates, but in some delusional Romanian regions. Dido could dress an impressive jacket I often saw, or at least an elephant, to dress my dress.

A hundred pounds of roses and peanuts on a hundred pounds

Indeed, roses and pearls are actually the new fashion bands of bg performers. The reper is covered with a hundred bananas – not flowers. So dressed, it creates a sense of having a Tahiti ice cream stand, and he is also a savior for four hours. Below a glorious sun, the bowl was thrown right after the last ice cream was sold to me one with blueberries, please! / And I throw myself to save me ignorant. We get a hundred pounds of productivity a day. At first I thought the rapper was in the briefcase and I remember that Nasko Samev once wore them. Naas! I guess the shirt was just removed from a dishwasher that was not even released. The young man beside Stoke sits without a special rookie role, which has more flowers than Sophie and Gringo's weddings.

"Where's my hat," as if screaming Dione …

A painful ambition for Dion. "Jasta prasta" jeans and a thin pink cross belt. The rush is so sad that even Kurkinski could not play it in the mono show. At the bottom, white and blue, I see wise shoes similar to serving ships, probably equally uncomfortable. Glasses are an exaggerated accent that reflects the environment, but not the environment they deserve, namely, the shelf in front of Barbie's mirror. The bag is like an old phone with a sweater, you can call 112 and ask for emergency help. Diona would look far better if she left them separated and made her body choose only what would best suit her. I would insist that the singer wears more hat, because apart from the Parisian charm, they are a great contribution to every symmetry and diversity.

The lady laughs with her dress

Probably somewhere modern but also in the world I live in, I wear so sweet pink color. This color is neither sweet nor reminiscent of fruit milk sold in plastic bags. So, Maggie Bader, thank you for your memorable memory. On the other hand, even the color of green or blue, the cut itself gives the impression that it is characteristic for children. For the little lady who will have a children's ball of flowers in the kindergarten Kokiche. But Bader is a crooked Miss, and if she is not sure of her personal taste, she can always call me. The exchange of lace and satin, the friction and contradiction of the painted wall behind, the bare left hand, the far-reaching lace on the right, or are bulky or overwhelmed. This returns Maggie to the pre-school aesthetic age, and unless she only appears with this toilet, I recommend her to get her out of the closet right away. My hairstyle slams my nose and falls in, but I know there will be pussy and hairstyle, which makes me a cup of tea.

Beautiful Helen and Ivana with costumes

Entrepreneur Elena Cristiano gave a melody for a unique dress at the event. The end of the 28th Italian Festival of Hair and Beauty was a Balkan party that led more than 450 people to wear traditional folk costumes. Among them was the star of John, whose dress wore an element comparable to the shirt, and therefore, kindly relevant to the event. Ivana was dreaming of a new hairstyle that I boasted. Growth has a common vision and makeup. Elena Cristiano, despite the attempts to drown in anonymous anonymity and show the patience of her guests, was shining with a vision that everyone would remember until the next and successful event.

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