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New Massacre for Henry, Bruges "Legs" already in the first part (video) – Football World – Champions League

Monaco continues to be under Thierry Henry's lead. This time the team became the victim of the inspirational Belgian Brugge who won his rival and won 4-0 as a guest at the Group Four round of the Champions League.

Stade Luz II was solved in the first half when two Hans Vanaken (12 & 17 & # 39;) and Wesley (24 & # 39;) dropped an opposing low guard. 5 minutes before the end of the match, Captain Ruud Wormer formed the final result, bringing Bruges' first win at the tournament since 2005 (when he won 3: 2 on Rapid Vienna).

After this success, the Belgians sealed their third place in Group A with a four-point lead, leaving the "monegasque" last with just one. The first two places appear to be among the favorites of Borussia Dortmund (9 points) and Atletico Madrid (6 points).

Monaco - Bruges 0: 4

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This was the fifth leg of Henry's French legend in the field of coaching. However, the former striker still has no success, which has so far recorded 3 losers and 2 nominated at all tournaments. The statistics are still unsettled for Monaco, who has had only one success in the last 15 official games.

Prior to the start of the meeting, Henry had to deal with a bunch of problems. Outside of the injury were Ronnie Lopez, Pietro Pellegri, Daniel Subashić, Kevin N Doram and Jean Eudes Aulu, Stevan Jovitich and William Gewells. The "Monegasque" enthusiasm was the presence of a Colombian striker, Radamel Falcoo, who led a team attack, but did not much help.

The guests went to the optimal line seeking three points. They started at the atomic level after they got in the first part three times within 12 minutes – between 12 and 24 minutes.

The first goal came off after a good break from Mats Ritsa to the right of 21 minutes. The goalkeeper came to the suits, but immediately before the ball left the field, he fell parallel to the goal. At the far end of the field was Vanhan, who was giving his front door in front of him.

5 minutes later, the striker also made a penalty kick to play Antonio Barreca with a hand in the penalty area of ​​the host. 7 later, Bruce Wesley hits the unhappy Monach's penalty box and hits his right leg at the far corner, leaving Diego Benalio free.

Monaco - Bruges 0: 4

source: Gulliver / GettyImages

In the second part, Monaco tried to answer. The team had a territorial advantage, but it was predictable. Despite a large number of strikes, the low-level finish on the opponent's door allowed the Belgians to keep their net dry.

At the end of the match, Bruges reached the fourth goal. His author, Captain Ruud Wormer, who took advantage of the defensive defense of Monegasque's defender, came up to the ball after a long shot, but the goalkeeper diagonally scored his last goal for his team.

Monaco – Bruges 0: 4

0: 1 Hans Vanaken 12 & # 39;

0: 2 Hans Vanaken 17 & # 39; (penalty)

0: 3 Wesley 24 & # 39;

0: 4 Ruud Wormer 85 & # 39;

The teams of two teams:

monaco: Diego Benalio, Camille Glic (Almai Toure 76), Zimmersson, Antonio Barrett, Jibril Sidibe, Yuri Tileman, Youssef Ait Benasser (Han-Noa Masenio 68), Nasser Shadley, Musa Silala, Sophie Diope, Radamel Falcao 61 & )

coach: Thierry Henry

BruggeEaton Horwath, Benoit Pullen, Brandon Mechele, Stephano Densville, Clinton Mata (Tibo Ventinen 77), Ruud Wormer, Marvelus Nakamba, Mats Rits, Krep Diatas (Dion Cools 6), Wesley (Kevin Reza 72)

coach: Ivan Leko

Chief Judge: Arthur Diaas

stadium: "Lady II Stage"

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