Monday , April 19 2021

Numerologist with a sensational prognosis for Slavi’s participation in the elections

He will receive a knife in the back – from both enemies and friends. Both as a person and as a party leader will fail, predicts Stoyanka Pishtyalova

Boyko Borissov and GERB will triumph in the upcoming elections, but they must be very wary of traitors. This predicts “Maritsa“Numerologist from Plovdiv Stoyanka Pishtyalova.

The BSP will follow closely, losing the victory by a hair.

“Number 28, which is determined by lot for GERB, says it will have strong enemy resistance. You don’t have to trust anyone. There are ingenious people with great abilities and capabilities. But unprecedented success can only be achieved if they think about the future, not their own strengths. .

With one thing in mind, they must also be in a relationship with a coalition partner, behaving very cautiously, because they may return to zero again, as has happened many times so far. Number 28 is strong and guarantees success, but with a sign of attention, ”Pishtyal said.

She pointed out that the very personality of Boyko Borisov gives him a guarantee of victory. “But the universe guarantees him a fall from a height with a crown on his head. It is better to give up before that happens. But he is a strong person, he will not stop, he is the ruler,” the Plovdiv numerologist added.

As for the BSP, whose number on the ballot will be 4, Pishtyal stressed that it is a guarantee of success. “The very repeatability of the fours – number 4 and date 4.04 increases their success. They will be firmly behind GERB.

As winners of number 4 they will receive a “prize”. Cornelia is a strong person, she always wants her word to be heard and to be hers, but, like Boyko, her universe guarantees her to fall from a height with the crown of her head. Cornelia will be more successful, but it is contraindicated. It’s better to let others lead, ”Pishtyal said.

“Number 1 is very strong and will help IMRO, but not enough. It will be on the brink and the chance of success in the election is on the scales. They have to stand up for themselves. If that doesn’t happen to them, they will hit the table and score its goal, ”the numerologist said.

Slavi’s party “There is such a people” is under number 29. That means betrayals and severe temptations that everyone will be put to. Slavi will get a knife in the back – from both enemies and friends. “Both as a person and as a party leader it will fail,” Pishtyal predicted.

She assigned the same fate to Manolov’s party “Get up! Get up!” Mutri van. “Number 18 is strong, but not for them. They will not achieve any success. Together with Slavi, they will be out of the game,” the numerologist pointed out.

Republicans for Bulgaria Tsvetana Tsvetanova will run in election number 21. “It guarantees a small victory. And that’s because their cases come from people to people. Finally, they will be part of parliament,” Pishtyalova said.

The numerologist is of the opinion that the MRF will also be successful, although small. “9 is a very strong number. It corresponds to stoicism, courage. It means it will endure everything, but the day itself – April 4, does not give them special guarantees,” she said.

As for Vasil Bozkov and the party through which he ran in the BNO elections under number 14, Pishtyal was categorical – without success. “This is through very difficult trials. Vasil Bozkov’s personality is extremely strong, his way of life is good, but he does not touch politics,” she is categorical.

Things look far better for the Patriotic Coalition – Will and the NFSB, which will be 24th on the ballot. “It’s a great number, which gives them a guarantee of success. They will surely be among the top five,” Pishtyal added.

According to her, after the election of the first 6 political forces will be:

3. Patriotic Coalition – Will and NFSB
4. DPS
5. Republicans for Bulgaria

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