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Only in BLITZ: a tragedy is indescribable – a child born in Romania killed in Varna … (PHOTOS)

Surprise, the tragedy can not be graded or measured, but it can certainly be endless. An absolute example of this is the horrendous death of today – a child of three and a half years old who died after falling into a paid parking at the Sea Garden in Varna.

The four-year-old Radoslava was the only child of his parents, Rumania and Rosice, who had been waiting for 10 years of torture, Blitz said. Throughout this time, mother and father at age 48 and 47 spent all their time and energy imagining their only child – many unsuccessful invitations, thousands of levers, and God knows how nerves, hopes, disappointments, and hopes. And after 10 years, their greatest happiness has happened to them. Luck they took for a moment.

As Blitz writes, the girl was literally thrown at a paid parking at the Marine Garden in Varna under the Horizon restaurant. On top of that was the BMW with Romanian registration, and the driver made parking maneuvers. As the child underneath the front wheels is not clear, how or why the driver did not see the girl. It's just stinging the fact that he died while his parents pushed the front of BMW and screaming the driver backInstead, perhaps in panic, he gave up and went through the baby's head.

The whole family traveled to the Romanian beyn, learned BLITZ. Behind the wheel was a young man. Currently closed in Third RPM. The competent authorities have carried out on-site inspections and are already working on a channel order – a pre-trial procedure has been initiated, investigative actions are in progress.

Close to the parents of the black men, they commented that their mind did not fit in the way they will continue from now on, because today the life of the whole family …


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