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Penalties and three missed goals killed San Uruguay

Peru has surrendered one of the surprises of Copa America and dropped the record holder Uruguay race.

"Inke" won 5: 4 after a penalty kick, and in regular time the game ends in equal to 0: 0.

The Peruan team, which has reached this stage in the last four continental races, will be the third time to compete for the final in Chile.

Uruguay can seriously regret the development of the conflict because in the regular time of the match, three goals have been canceled, when the bail was saved by Peru.

Araskaeta was first drawn to the Inka door, but his goal was canceled because his assistant Nandes was ambushed.

In the second part Uruguay was again the team that was constantly attacking, but Diego Godin missed three meters and Cavani was canceled after the VAR.

But that was not the end of Uruguay's sorrow. Luis Suarez scored a goal but was canceled for the third time, and the main culprit was VAR.

So Peru survived a miracle and brought the match to the penalty shootout.

Luis Suarez from the left side but the keeper made a goal to the left.

This was a fatal one, because all the artists came to an end and Peru won 5: 4.

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