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Pop-folk shit: The fever crashed after surgery

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The tattoo after the surgery does not feel in itself, which should have made it more beautiful and sought after. But the opposite is the case. A fatal mistake was made by nose repair, which was recently named the biggest star in his native pop-folk Preslava. The singer's career collapsed due to the unfortunate change in her fragrant body, which turned her into a bad copy of her fiercest competitor, Galen. He remained without a participation and advertising agreement. It is said that Payner is planning to reduce his cosmic reward, which has been holding the first place in the industry for years, because he no longer wants to pay.

As he changed his face, Preslava recorded a sharp drop in interest in his stage performances. Pubs no longer want her to attend, and her schedule is depleted, she learned the Weekend.

"No one wants to see the new Presley, whose former fans are so disappointed with the change in her appearance to deny it." They look at her old movies and are not interested in the live, "say people from a home business show.

In fact, it should be noted that the singer sings in clubs almost every night for up to ten days. However, this job was the result of his old contracts, signed before his nose was cut off. The last third of June's star recorded one exit at the stage in Pleven. This drop in the number of applications is particularly dramatic due to the fact that in the summer when people in its branch are the busiest. "Other singers are falling apart, and Preslav is sitting at home," Payner said.

The performer "Devil's Desires" has been the leading player in the Dimitrovgrada price list for years. It has reached the cosmic 10,000 levers for the audience. For that very reason, she was the favorite boss of Mitka Payner. In the current crisis of interest in his recent golden chicken, he and his men were seriously thinking about dismissing Petty's fees. If you do not want to pay 10 thousand for Preslav, we will offer them cheaper, business women in the company.

An additional financial drama in the life of the star was the sinking of her instability at her point. There he had almost half a million followers there. Thanks to this impressive number, many companies look for him as an advertising person and pay crazy money just for publishing photos with their products. But since her account disappeared from virtual reality, this tap was also suddenly returned. Even if he does a new profile, the Scrolls will take months to reach the previous number of followers if he succeeds in gaining a look after an unauthorized fix.

Honey the other, the singer has already announced that she has a new profile. However, checking the weekend showed it disappeared several days after its creation. In general, the page also deleted the Preslava herself, who wanted to save her from the critique of her appearance.

Former fan stars from Dobrich continue to mock her new vision, comparing her to the late Michael Jackson, and even turning her name. A large number of them are called "Galche" because of their similarity with the eternal companion, Galen.

"We will never see the right Presbyter we loved!", Nostalgically sad.

Very few singer fans claim to accept it in its present appearance. Most of them agree that she loves not because of her looks, but because of her voice, no matter how it seems to them.

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