Monday , June 14 2021

Seb missed a warning and a fine

Sebastian Vettel has missed a warning and a fine of 25,000 euros, but tomorrow will remain on the second leg for the Brazilian Grand Prix in Formula 1.

The Ferrari pilot was researched due to his behavior when he was called by the controllers during the qualification.

They found that the German did not follow the procedure in those cases, even broke the ladder, but he still turned off the engine, allowing precise measures, and imposed an official warning and financial sanction.

"We should not call at a time when conditions change so fast, this is unfair, I just wanted to hurry," Vettel was angry right after qualifying.

Meanwhile, the managers did not investigate the situation in which Lewis Hamilton almost caused the accident with Sergey Sirokkin, so the world champion remains in the middle of position.

The English accused his opponent for lack of respect because the Russian was not in the fast lap and did not have to develop such a speed. Hamilton tried to move away from the perfect line, but Sirotkin did it and almost hit him.

"I do not know what he thinks, since he was not in a fast wing. We know we have to leave the room, so it was pretty unfair and unnecessary for me," Lewis said.

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