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See what is July 1, increase pensions – Bulgaria

T Oak, steam and hot water rise from July 1, and pensions grow.

On average, the price of heat increases by 4.5%. The biggest rise in prices in Razgrad – almost 18%, and Gabrovo – almost 13%. For them are Vraca, Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv.

The average electricity price increase is about 3.5% for the country. Growth is within annual inflation.

According to the president of Bulgaria's Economic and Industrial Chamber Ivan Ivanov, if he wants to meet the EWC's wishes, the jump should be 50%, but that can not happen. NEC has calculated that households spend 1 BGN per day.

With 0.6% cheaper natural gas in the next quarter. The price of KEURO is 44.90 / MWh, which is 0.27 BGN less than the second quarter. The price does not include VAT and does not include charges for access, transit and excise duty.

The Bulgarian company Bulgargaz explained that the demand for cheaper fuels is the result of contracted supply of liquefied gas from the United States. The first series of 50 million cubic meters of gas was delivered by the Dutch company Colmar. The second delivery will be "British Petroleum" for the third quarter of the year.

As of 1 July, the minimum retirement age and senior retirement age will increase by 12 leva to 219 leva, and estimates show that the average retirement rate will rise to 386 leva.

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