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See what you're tattooing. Buffet Ariane Grande – curious

Arian's last single, 7 Rings, has been playing the music charts for several weeks. To celebrate success, the singer was tattooed in the palm of the name of the song with Japanese characters.

However, a spelling error has been made, and the text in the translation means little grilling on charcoal instead of "Seven Rings".

The error has noticed singer lovers who are vegan after setting up their tattoos on social networks. And the jokes at her address are not too late:

In Twitter, the star explained that the pain was unbearable, and therefore missed the symbol. Ariana Grande clarified that the palm rest easily and the tattoo can be corrected.

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7 Rings released in mid-January have more than 100 million views of You tube, and the song runs the American singles chart. The next album, Ariane Grande, will be released on February 8th.

Getty Images / Guliver

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